3 Reasons Why Normal Child Development Milestone Chart is Important

Normal Child Development Milestones Chart

To understand the significance of the child development milestone chart, we have to fathom what a normal child development milestone defines. When a child smiles for the first time or takes their first step, or waves goodbye are known as the normal child developmental milestones. Every day, a child achieves their goal in how they speak, learn, act, or play.

Though the children grow up at their own pace, they reach their normal growth milestones about or at the same age. In this article, we are going to learn the importance of knowing these milestones and also track them if they are achieving these goals or not. These goals signify their normal growth.

Important Clues from Developmental Milestones

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There are certain clues that we can observe through the years of their childhood and achieve their milestones at their supposed age. The normal child developmental milestones chart recognizes those achievements.

If a child is not reaching the developmental milestone or achieving the goals much later than the children of the same age group then, it can indicate very early into their childhood that there is a developmental delay.

When a child achieves their milestone at the same age as they are supposed to, that means they are growing as they should. However, if a child reaches their milestone much earlier than expected then, it must be an indicator of the advanced development of the child.

The Most Vital Developmental Milestones

Those children who are not reaching their milestones at the proper time must be a red flag or warning sign. For instance, if a child of two months old does not make vowel sounds like oh, eh, ah or when a child does not make squealing noise laugh, when they are not trying to get the things that are near to their hands, and when they do not roll over on their own in each direction.

You have to also keep in mind that the normal child’s developmental growth is not steady. You might discover a new transformation in a child’s life when something new happens, like their parents giving birth to another child. You can judge if your concern is valid or not by tracking the developmental growth of a child because then you will have a better understanding of the child’s progress.

The Milestones Span More Than One Domain

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Each developmental milestone has categories like language, cognitive, social or emotional, and physical development. These categories are identified as domains. Sometimes, these milestones span more than one domain. When a child plays peek-a-boo, it can be considered as social/emotional or cognitive development.

If children follow the instruction, then it can fit into cognitive and language or communication domains. When the children play make-believe, it can be considered as cognitive development and social or emotional growth too.


When one-year-old cries in their classroom if their parents leave them, then the chart indicates that the child is following their twelve months milestones usually. Here, in this piece, we have depicted the significance of a normal child developmental milestones chart. 

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