A Beginner’s Guide To Various Stages Of Development

A Beginner's Guide To Various Stages Of Development

The stages of development is a process which we experience year after year till we become old. From birth till death, humans develop themselves to stay active and fit to fight various problems in their lives. Have you ever brought a small cat in your home and have seen it grow? You definitely would have seen the little kitty grow into a full grown-up cat. This is happening due to various stages of development tat he experiences since birth.

Each stage of development has different physical, mental, and emotional characteristics. Most of the human beings develop at the same pace. This allows us to figure out various stages of human development like infancy, childhood, adulthood, and adolescence.

Here we are going to discuss the various stages of development.

A Beginner's Guide To Proper Development Steps
A Beginner’s Guide To Various Stages Of Development

Various Stages Of Development

The Infancy

Infancy is the time when kids are born. This is one of the first and crucial stages of development. During these stages, we can see various physical milestones being crossed. Infancy is that stage where infants gain control over their mind and body parts. At this stage, infants depend on others to meet their needs. They depend on other people for almost everything they need. This is the time when they learn to trust people and understand who is good to them and who is not. They start making friends and family as they learn that these people are needed for their development and growth.


The childhood stage of development is the next stage of human development. During this period of growth, kids start to explore places and things. They learn to move around and develop a sense of independence. Later on, the kids learn to take and make their own decisions. These decisions help them to learn more and more and they learn to understand that these decisions have their own consequences.

Children should always be nurtured properly so that they learn and develop self-confidence in their actions which helps them to be successful in the long run. This helps them to stay motivated also, bringing fresh and positive energy in their bodies. A child needs proper guidance from their parents.


Adolescence is the stage of development when the child develops self-belief and independence. During this period, men and women start finding their identity. Although this period is a confusing and stressful period of development, it is exciting as well.

A Beginner's Guide To Various Stages Of Development
A Beginner’s Guide To Various Stages Of Development


The adulthood stage of development brings more challenges and major decisions about life and family. This stage is when you take career-defining decisions regarding work and love life. It is a crucial stage of development where you decide what you want and what to do with it.

Stages Of Development- The Takeaway Point

Thus, the four stages of development teach us how we can lead a perfect life when we are kids and also when we are adults.

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