A Guide To Normal Child Development Milestones

Normal Child Development Milestones

Children can grow rapidly and develop important milestones from birth to age 5, creating a strong foundation as the grow. Physical development plays a key role in child development as it relates to changes and growth and skill developments, including those of muscles and senses. This helpful feature about normal child development milestones is a must read in order to be aware of your children’s growth.

Types Of Skills

Take note that development is different from growth. Growth refers to a child getting bigger as they grow old. On the other hand, development means acquiring skills like the following:

Gross Motor Skills: is using groups of muscles to sit, stand, keep balance, and change positions

Fine Motor Skills: the use of hands in order to draw, play, and do many things

Language Skills: the use of body gestures in order to communicate and understand things

Cognitive Skills: are the thinking skills like learning, remembering, reasoning, and understanding

Social Skills: being able to interact with others and establish relationships

Normal Child Development Milestones At 1st Month

Strong reflex movements

Moves head from side to side when lying down

Keeps hands within hand and mouth range

Jerky arm thrusts

Eyes occasionally wander

Prefers high-contrast patterns

Hearing is already mature

May turn toward sources of sounds

Prefers things that smell sweet

Avoid acidic smells

Recognizes the smell of mother’s breastmilk

Prefers soft sensations

Milestones At 3rd Month

Normal Child Development Milestones For Every Reader
A Guide To Normal Child Development Milestones

Can raise head when lying down

Puts their hands to mouth

Grasps toys

Watches face intently

Follows objects

Starts to babble

Starts to imitate sounds

Smiles at your voice

Develops social smile

Cries when playing stops

Imitates movements and facial expressions

Milestones At 7th Month

Ability to roll

Can sit with/without support of hands

Supports whole weight using legs

Develops full color vision

Can reach by using a single hand

Vision matures

Ability to transfer objects between hands

Responds when called

Responds to “no”

Distinguishes emotions from voices heard

Uses voice to express joy/displeasure

Babbles consonants

Can find partially hidden object

Can explore with hand and mouth

Ability to reach no so far objects

Enjoys social play

Appears joyful often

Milestones At 1st Year

Can sit without someone’s assistance

Can change stance from sitting to crawling

Can pull self in order to stand

Can crawl

May walk two-three steps without support

Can pincer grasp

Can bring cubes together

Can put objects in a container

Lets go of things voluntarily

Pokes using index finger

Imitates scribbling

Responds to “no”

Can say “dada” and “mama”

Tries to imitate words

Can use exclamations like “uh-oh!”

Can explore objects in new ways like shaking, throwing, etc.

Finds hidden things easily

Pays attention to sounds of speech

Responds to verbal requests

Tries to imitate gestures

Begins to use things correctly

Can point at the right picture when it’s named

Can be anxious toward strangers

Cries when parent leaves

Enjoys imitating people during play

May be fearful in some situations

Can finger-feeds themselves

Repeats sounds for attention

Extends limbs to help when being dressed

Milestones At 2nd Year

Can walk alone

Begins to run

Stands on tiptoe

Can kick a ball

Scribbles spontaneously

Can sort shapes and colors

Can build block towers

Uses the preferred hand

Points to objects that’s named for them

Can say single words

Can follow instructions

Repeats words overheard in conversation

Can say phrases

Begins make-believe play

Imitates behavior of others, especially older ones

Can show defiant behavior

Separation anxiety increases in episode, but they fade

Milestones At 4th Year

Normal Child Development Milestones Guide For Parents
A Guide To Normal Child Development Milestones

Can go upstairs and downstairs without support

Can go overhand throwing

Can kick a ball forward

Can catch bounced balls most of the time

Can move forward and backward

Can copy square shapes

Can uses scissors without accidents

Can draw squares and circles

Begins to copy capital letters

Knows the concepts of “the same” and “different”

Has mastered basic rules of grammar

Tells stories

Can speak clearly for others to understand

Can correctly name some colors

Can approach problems from his/her own view

Can cooperate with other children

Recalls part of story

Engages in fantasy-play

Can be interested in new experiences

More independent

Plays words like “mom” and “dad”

Can negotiate solution and conflicts

Can dress and undress

Can be creative in fantasy play

Milestones At 5th Year

Can hop and somersault

Can be able to skip

Can copy many geometric patterns

Can print some letters

Can use spoon, fork, and a table knife

Can draw person with body

Can recall parts of story

Can use future tense

Can tell longer stories

Can dictate name and address

Has ability to count ten or more

Can name at least four colors

Wants to please friends

Understands time

Wants to be like their friends

Develops sexual awareness

Able to distinguish fantasy from reality

Agrees with rules

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