A story of Youngest Mother in the World

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Lina Medina When I found this story, the first thing which came to my mind was how the parents reacted to this startling incident. How did they take care of their five-year-old daughter who started menstruating at that age? Surely it would be a very difficult job. No parents can expect that their five years old child will start menstruating.

Here is the life history of Lina Medina, who was the world’s youngest mother.

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Childhood :

Lina Medina was born on September 27, 1933 in Paurange ,Tacna, Peru to farmer’s parents. Lina did not go to school because her father died when she was only 6 months old and mother did the best she could for the little girl by selling fruit and vegetables at the marketplace.

Her childhood feats like bicycle riding made her famous among the people of the village . Her friends even called her “Miss Bike”. But what made her world famous is yet to come…

Age five :

At age five Lina started having periods . That’s right! At that tender age she began menstruating. It was the first sign which indicated that she might be pregnant. Even before Lina got pregnant, She already had pubic hair and adult sized genitals .

In those days , the woman’s doctor was a female doctor named Dr.Gillian Lockwood who examined Lina Medina after she was brought to her by the mother of a six year old boy from the village. Dr Lockwood tried to explain Lina of sexual matters, but as age girl had not even finished first grade education so it was difficult for her to understand what doctor told her on examining table..

Even before being pregnant, a few pounds heavier than other girls her same age and a fully developed physique were clear indications that something unique about this child. Still no one had any clue on the gravity of the situation…

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Pregnancy :

In those days , maternity wards for children below five years of age did not exist in Peruvian hospitals so Dr.de la Fuente , the famous gynaecologist from Lima was called to examine the mother of the youngest mother in the world , Lina . It was clear to him that the girl might be pregnant as there were signs of pregnancy at age five.

5 month later, on May 14th 1939, Lina Medina gave birth naturally to a healthy boy weighing 2 kg and measuring 45 cm long with fine hair all over his body just like an adult man!

Lina Medina is still alive. She studied until fourth grade and now lives a normal life with her husband and four children in Lima !!!

World’s smallest baby :

Another marvel related to this young mother is that she gave birth to the smallest baby ever recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records. Her baby measured less than 8 inches and weighed only 4 1/2 ounces !

Doctors were worried to death about the health of Lina, but she was fine. She gave birth five years before German woman Hannah Kerner set a modern record for both -youngest mother AND smallest child delivered .

Lina medina today :

Lina lives in Lima with her husband, three children , one son and two daughters who are still unaware that their mother holds the world’s record for youngest mothers.

Conclusion :

This is the life history of Lina Medina from childhood to be a mom at age 5. What a wonderful experience that must be..!Although Lina Medina was mother at age five but she has not stop here ,she is still living and working in hospital as head of ward for newborns and children . She also want to study more about her son’s condition,and how it affect his life.

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