Baby Development Stages During The Second Half Of The First Year


Different baby development stages are filled with new and exciting changes that your baby would show. Every month would bring new changes in your baby’s behavior and activities. Gradually, babies start to communicate, learn to crawl, respond to sounds and objects, etc.

Many times parents wonder if their babies are growing at the right place. It is beneficial to know that each baby has their own speed of developing. Not every child would show identical developmental milestones at the same time. You do not need to worry if your baby says his/her first words a little later than other children.

Baby Development Stages During The Second Half Of The First Year
Baby Development Stages During Second Half Of The First Year

The following tips will guide you to understand various baby development stages during the 6-12 months of your child.

Physical Milestones: A Vital Phase Of The Baby Development Stages

When babies cross their first six months, they tend to grow more active and jovial. Parents should start getting used to the clashing sounds of small objects, spilled food, etc. Babies are much more curious during this time, and they will do everything to feed their curiosity. They would be able to sit nicely and without support. You may notice your little one trying to stand up. Babies would start to crawl and may even take their first steps.

Fine Motor Skills

Apart from the more prominent movements, babies also have significant changes in their smaller actions. This is known as fine motor skills. During this phase, babies start learning using their index finger and thumb. They can differentiate their toys and sort them to their convenience. You would notice your growing baby sliding his/her hands into clothes when you dress them. Scribbling with a crayon is something your baby loves to do already. But now, he/she would try to do the same using their thumb and index instead of using their entire palm.

Language And Cognitive Development

Just the way babies grow physically at a rapid pace, they also mentally develop pretty quickly. This is the time when babies are transforming into toddlers. Babies are much more sensible now. They would try to communicate by babbling. As they grow into their seventh or eighth month, babies start to babble elaborately by uttering basic words like ‘mama’ and ‘dada.’ These are perhaps your baby’s first conscious words.

Kids at this age are curious beings, and they would notice everything their parents are doing around them. They would try to learn their parents’ actions and start to imitate them like pretending to talk on a phone, cooking using their cookery play-set, etc.

Baby Development Stages During Second Half Of The First Year
Baby Development Stages During Second Half Of The First Year

Social Development: An Integral Part Of The Baby Development Stages

Kids are social beings who start to develop socially right from the first year of their lives. They are now able to recognize their parents and other familiar people. Babies love to be with their parents. They feel very protected around them. Apart from their parents, kids develop a strong bonding with their grandparents too. During this time, babies develop stranger anxiety. They are playful and would do baby things, such as pushing their food away to check their parents’ reactions. Babies would know that if they are crying, their mother will come rushing to check on them.