Baby Milestone: All About Baby Development

Baby Milestone: All About Baby Development

Knowing the baby milestone is an essential step to keeping track of your baby’s growth. It provides parents with regular and reliable information about their babies’ development. This article lists some of the important milestones that can be monitored by parents.

Baby Walking: Baby Milestone

Newborns usually walk about six times a day in succession. While carrying and playing with the baby, parents can check how far the baby has moved. This will also give parents a fair idea about how well the baby is adapting to the change of the physical environment. If the baby can’t move any further, this could mean that the baby can’t get developmental or motor skills.

Baby Milestone: All About Baby Development
Baby Milestone: All About Baby Development

Learning To Talk: Baby Milestone

Before the baby has learned how to use the hands to talk, parents can play a simple conversation with the baby, to keep the baby interested in what it is hearing. Keeping the baby engaged in verbal exchange will also keep the baby alert about the signals of the ears.

Baby Development: Baby Milestone

Now that the baby is starting to learn how to crawl, parents can move away from its parent and see the baby. The parents should hold it with a slight touch. They should turn its head towards the mother when it walks out of their reach.

Baby Milestone: All About Baby Development
Baby Milestone: All About Baby Development

Eyes Open: Baby Milestone

As the baby starts to open its eyes, it should be held gently in a shoulder to shoulder manner. Parents should look at the baby’s eyes with a slight movement of the head as the baby opens them. They should always be turned sideways to the mother.

Ear To Ear

At this stage, the baby should not be picked up by its mother’s hands and rocked back and forth. It should only be lifted by its feet to a considerable height.

Touching Fingers

With a gentle touch, the baby should be held in a gentle manner by the mother. At this point, it should feel the warmth of the hand.

Mother To Child

To get a baby to sleep on the mother’s chest, the mother should place her hands gently on the baby’s head. This should be done while holding the baby gently and rotating its head slowly.

Sinking Into Arms

A newborn should not be held down on the mother’s chest as this will cause discomfort. Instead, a mother should gently wrap the baby in her arms.

Fingers To Head

The baby should not be held on the mother’s stomach, and the mother should put the baby’s hands on the back of the mother’s head. At this point, the baby should see its mother’s face and eyes.

Teeth To Head

If the baby starts eating solids, a parent should place its head against the mother’s breast and keep it as the baby starts to suck on the nipple. While looking straight ahead, the baby should press the bottom teeth on the mother’s top lip.

Final Words

It’s normal for babies to have shortfalls of some type, even if they are grown up. For this reason, it is essential to know all the milestones of the infant’s development. This knowledge will help you to anticipate all the needs of your little one.

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