Baby Milestones You Will Notice During The First Six Months


Different baby milestones would be apparent while your baby grows quickly from a newborn to a cheerful six-month-old. This phase is significant for parents. Babies start to show some changes, which are definite indications of their overall growth. They would begin to eat solid foods at this time. Six-month-old babies also would be babbling, smiling at seeing familiar faces, etc. Let us find out some of the baby milestones to help you understand more about your six-month-old baby.

Baby Milestones You Will Notice During The First Six Months
Baby Milestones You Will Notice During The First Six Months

Physical Changes: A Crucial Phase Of The Baby Milestones

When babies are in their first six months of life, they will show some significant physical developments. Babies usually start rolling from their backs to their stomachs and the other way around. By this time, they can grow significantly taller at a pace of approximately 1-1.5 inches per month. Their weight should be double of what they weighed during birth. With a broader stature, babies also manage to sit without any support for some time. It is the time when they would try to hold on to small objects. It would eventually lead to babies developing the pincer grasp.

Sleeping Pattern

Most six-month-old babies have a long uninterrupted sleep. They would usually sleep around 6-8 hours at a single stretch. Since they are enjoying a much deeper sleep, they would not wake up for food at night most often. Moreover, babies at this age roll over independently while they’re sleeping. Don’t worry if you put your baby to sleep on his/her back, and he/she wakes up on his/her stomach.


Newborns are breastfed till the time they are around six-months-old. During this phase of the baby milestones, you should start introducing semisolid food combinations. Therefore, iron-rich cereals with breast milk is an excellent meal to start. Your baby would slowly begin to adjust to solid food. At this point, your baby can be given strained vegetables and fruits depending on his/her adaptability to the same. Don’t worry if he/she does not like the new meal, as this is normal among a few babies. Slowly, babies adapt to this new diet with time.

Communication: One Of The Baby Milestones To Look Forward To

Most six-month-old babies start to babble, smile, and laugh to show their interest in communicating. It is an encouraging sign as your baby is getting ready to learn new words and sentences. It is an excellent idea for parents to read stories to their kids to help them pick-up a language.

Babies would start recognizing familiar people and things. They would begin to feel comfortable around their parents, grandparents, and other familiar faces. They may also have a couple of their favorite toys which they would cling on for extended periods.

Baby Milestones You Will Notice During The First Six Months
Baby Milestones You Will Notice During The First Six Months


As babies are growing, they would be more sensitive to a few things. They would start to feel everything they touch. Like their favorite toys, their food and water and everything are around them. By this time, babies develop a better vision and would get attracted to brighter and bigger objects. Everyday sounds get familiar to them by the time they are six-months-old.