Baby Skills: About Baby Milestones

Baby Skills: About Baby Milestones

There are many things that parents worry about their newborn baby, and many parents also wonder about baby milestones. Most new parents understand that this is something they will encounter over the first year. When it comes to milestone milestones, there are many more for your newborn than some might think. The idea of figuring out where your baby ranks in her development is fascinating.

Three Different Categories

Baby milestones can be divided into three categories: sensory skills, motor skills, and cognitive skills. Each of these has specific milestones that a baby must accomplish for different reasons. Let’s look at each of these categories individually.

specific milestones
Baby Skills: About Baby Milestones

Motherhood: About Baby Milestones

Your baby can communicate and respond to the sounds she hears and sees, but she does not yet have the language skills to tell you what she wants. Some babies make noises like meow and will cry until their mother calms them down, while others are so quiet they are barely audible at all.

Cry And Scream

It is natural that a baby will cry and scream a lot during the first few months of life. If you see your baby with her face in her hands and her tiny hands pressed against her ears, it is because she is upset. After all, she has woken up at night because of the noise.

Baby’s Eye Fully Developed

Your baby’s eyes are fully developed but still not fully transparent. Do not be alarmed if your baby does not shed tears. Although this may seem to make her look like a teddy bear, she will not cry when she is hungry.

Baby’s Mouth: About Baby Milestones

A baby’s mouth is full of teeth and clamped shut. This is often referred to as a “no-mouth” baby. You may notice that your baby starts to latch on to things more quickly than before.

Important Skills: About Baby Milestones

In addition to being very mobile, your baby is probably the happiest creature on the planet. She will learn how to eat solid foods, lay down, crawl, walk, and talk. Although she cannot hold her head up or roll over on her back, she will soon master these important skills.

Milk-Soaked Spoon

Babies begin to suckle when they have just been weaned from their mother’s milk. To a newborn, it is as if there is a mouth on each side of his or her head. Babies also begin to drink milk with the first milk-soaked spoon.

Express Interest In Food

Newborns can usually eat solid food without encouragement, and sometimes no encouragement at all. Only through months three and four can babies eventually express an interest in foods such as hot dogs, mashed potatoes, toast, applesauce, etc.

Baby Milestones and specific milestones
Baby Skills: About Baby Milestones

Little Encouragement

With a little encouragement, your baby can grasp objects with both her hands. For example, she can use both hands to bring a toy to her mouth and then put it back in her cradle.


Around the age of three or four, your baby starts to walk, sit, and eventually use her two hands to push herself along. She will become more mobile and may even use both arms to catch a ball, but her movement will slow down. Still, baby makes slow, steady progress throughout the toddler years, without any of the difficulties and dangers of other children.

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