Before You Teach Children To Talk, Know About Speech Milestones


Parents have to teach children how to talk for the first time. Before they speak in a particular language, babies babble and play with sounds. It’s the international language of babies: the Baby Talk.

We love all the baby talks, but we keep thinking, ‘When will the baby speak its first word?’ Babies reach this critical milestone during the first three years of their birth. At this time, its brain develops rapidly.

Before You Teach Children To Talk, Know About Speech Milestones
Before You Teach Children To Talk, Know About Speech Milestones

When To Hear Your Babies First Words

‘Baby Talks’ are non-verbal and as soon as their birth, babies communicate with you with this language. They portray their physical needs and range of emotions through grimaces, squirms, and cries. Their hunger, fear, frustration and other sensory overload are expressed by their special talks.

So, the moment your infant utters those magical first words varies immensely from one baby to another. But mostly, they achieve all speech milestones by the time they cross their three years of age.

As parents, we wish that our babies would talk as soon as possible. But that is not right as you can’t expect your baby to do it sooner just because you want it. Babies achieve each speech milestone at a certain time. So, as parents, you need to know about these milestones.

Baby Talk Milestones You Should Know Before Teaching Your Child How To Talk

  • During 3 Months: When your baby reaches 3rd month, it listens to your voice and also sees your facial expression when you talk. After that, they listen to other sounds around the home. Many babies prefer women’s voices. During the end of these three months, babies coo. It is a gentle, repetitive, and happy vocalization.
  • Baby Talks During 6 Months: It’s babbling time. During the end of the period, babies can recognize their names and respond. They can understand the native language and let you know whether they feel happy or upset. There is no meaning in their babbling but just random syllables.
  • At 9 Months Age: After reaching 9th month, babies can identify a few words like “bye-bye” and “no.” Generally, by this time, they will begin to understand the variety of consonant sounds as well as voice tones.
  • During 12-18 Months After Birth: By the time they became one year old, most babies can say a few relevant words like mama, dada, etc. They also know what their parents are saying. Furthermore, they at least respond to their parents, if not obey.
  • Baby Talks Before 2 Years Old: When babies become one and a half years old, they can point to things, people, and also their body parts. Along with that, they repeat many sounds or words that they hear. However, mostly, they leave of word-endings.
Before You Teach Children To Talk, Know About Speech Milestones
Before You Teach Children To Talk, Know About Speech Milestones
  • Baby Talk During 2 Years: A two years old can stitch a few words together within short phrases to communicate something. Like, they would say, “me milk,” or “mommy bye-bye”. These little fellows understand that the words make more sense.
  • Baby Talk Milestones At 3 Years: When your baby becomes three years old, his vocabulary will expand quickly. Their understanding gets spurred by “make-believe” games.

So, before you teach children how to talk, you know which age will unfold, which baby talks milestone in your kids. Guide the baby accordingly.