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Child Development Ebook

Today, we live in the era of computers, laptops, and i-pads. Often, we observe young children playing games on their parents’ mobile phones or i-pads for hours irrespective of whether they are in a mall, a playground, or a theatre. No doubt, the increasing technology has to be applauded, but we also need to acknowledge that we are slowly leading our children away from a golden virtue, that is, reading books. A child should start reading academic books and extra reading material like novels, storybooks, and much more. Here are just a few reasons why a Child Development Book is a vital part of our life and why it should be instilled in children from a young age itself:

Start With Vocabulary And Knowledge

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Better Vocabulary: Reading books will expose your child to various words that they will not come across while talking or listening or reading just school textbooks. A better vocabulary leads to self-confidence and gives your children an advantage over their peers. They will become at ease with the English language and find it easier to express themselves. A child development book confirms it for a fact.

Increases Knowledge: Books provide thoughts for the brain, which is as essential as food for our body. It is quite rightly said that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. The habit of reading will occupy your children’s free time and give them rich knowledge about the various aspects of life. Even simple books like fairy tales provide children a perspective of right and wrong. Reading will provide myriad ideas for your child, making him more creative from a young age.

A Child Development Book Helping Concentration And Creativity

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When you read continuously, the book’s ideas from a stream of continuous thoughts that focus your mind. This improves the concentration of our mind making it more vigilant and more open to information. If your child has the habit of reading books from childhood, he will be able to cope with the school education, as reading is the crux of academic life.

The main difference between the television and books is that television plants in your mind an image, whereas reading a book is created by your mind. Your mind is free to conjure up any image while reading a book. Reading will expand the boundaries of your child’s imagination, and this will ultimately create an innovative approach in your child’s thinking process.

At some point, all parents need something to occupy the free time of their child. Instead of planting them in front of the television or giving them the gadget to play with, it would be prudent to place a book in your child’s hand. Books provide healthy entertainment. There can be no better companion for a child than a book. A recent study also proves that children who read books for pleasure from a young age are excellent appreciators and contributors to art.


The habit of reading will help your child to accept more ideas and improve their perspective with a child development book. This trains their brain to listen attentively to other people and understand their point of view. They will be more efficient in communicating their thoughts to people if they are familiar with the language. Thus, reading will help you improve your child’s personality and help your child stand out from the crowd.

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