Child Development – Improving Your Child’s Childhood

Child Development - Improving Your Child's Childhood

Are you aware of the development of the brain in early childhood? There are seven major areas of the brain that develop throughout our lifetime. The three major areas are the frontal, temporal and parietal lobes.

These areas have certain functions and are involved in certain activities. For example, the frontal area is responsible for problem solving and judgment. It is responsible for our ability to stop and think before we react.


Child Development - Improving Your Child's Childhood
Child Development – Improving Your Child’s Childhood

If a person is not getting adequate nourishment or the right education during his/her childhood, they are more likely to struggle with their problems even into adulthood. For example, when a child’s frontal lobe gets weak or develops an accident at an early age, it will affect how he/she will react to different situations.

This can be difficult on all levels. It will impact their abilities in school, in their relationships, in career and also in future jobs. So if you are going to encourage your child in early childhood development, then you need to be cognizant of the progress that is being made and have the foresight to take steps to help and support them.

Child Development

We have all experienced how your child’s behavior can reflect on you. Some children are really nice, but others are mean and have no regard for other people. We all know that our parents are our main source of child development and if they are not emotionally available to us then it is harder for us to get a good relationship with them. Here are some important steps that can be taken to promote healthy child development.

One of the first and probably the most important step in promoting healthy child development is to establish the fact that you are always there for your child. You should make it a rule that you will be available to your child at all times. You need to respect your child and even if you are busy, you need to still make it a point to respond when they call you.

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Also, you need to be involved in the activities that your child does. Instead of constantly nagging them for things, set aside a certain amount of time each day to spend with them.

For instance, if you have children who go to school, it is important that you spend time with them and have conversations with their friends and even their siblings. Even if it is just a few minutes, you need to spend these moments talking to them and making sure that you are available to them whenever they require your help.

You also need to make it a point to pay attention to them and know what they need. One way of doing this is by being sure that you have already prepared a few things that your child will need so that you will be able to help them in times of need.

Another way of promoting healthy child development is to create a routine and structure of how you are going to interact with your child. Set up a time where you will be available to your child whenever they want you to and make sure that you stick to that schedule.

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Child Development - Improving Your Child's Childhood
Child Development – Improving Your Child’s Childhood

You also need to set your own limits and be clear about what behaviors you expect from your child. If you do not want to have any more children, then you should also set some boundaries and enforce them.

In conclusion, there are many ways in which you can promote early childhood development. But you need to remember that it is up to you to ensure that your child grows up healthy and happy in all aspects of their life.

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