Child Development Milestones Age 2 – Take It Slow And Steady

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At 2, your toddler is going to have a lot of energy. You will constantly find them making a mess, getting their clothes dirty, slightly hurting themselves, and much more. This is the age where your child’s character will start to develop and they will start to bloom into their person. Child Development Milestones Age 2 can be identified rather very easily as most of the milestones are very easily identifiable. Movement skills, hands and fingers developing, developed language skills, and social as well as emotional skills are developed a lot during this age. This article consists of the different development milestones that can be seen in a 2-year-old child and how to identify them. 

Child Development Milestones Age 2 – Movement Skills 

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As you see your kid learning how to walk gradually, in this phase you will see them transitioning their walking like typical adult walkers. This means they will walk with the heel-to-toe movement. During this age, they could also start running and with a little support, even try to stand on one leg. Some movements that you will see your kids do during this age:

Standing on tiptoes

Kicking a ball

Starting to run

Climbing activities happening on furniture without help

Walking on stairs while holding on

Throwing a ball overhand

Holding on to a large toy or several toys while walking

Child Development Milestones Age 2 – Hand and Finger Development 

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Here, you will see your child coordinate their hands and wrists very efficiently. They will be able to turn a doorknob, open a jar, they will also be able to firmly hold crayons and maybe even start drawing. You will also see them tuning pages of a book and drawing or playing with building blocks will keep them happy and busy for a long time. You will also understand if your kid prefers their right hand or left hand, although this will happen naturally and there is no requirement to teach them to write with a specific hand. Your toddler will now be able to:

Scribble at will

Playing with a container and pouring out its contents

Coming up with a tower of four blocks or more

Child Development Milestones Age 2 – Language skills 

You will now notice that your toddler can now form and say longer sentences. They will also start using pronouns. Although some children start to talk rather late so there is no need to worry if your toddler can’t use pronouns as yet, they will learn soon. Talking to them and reading to them will help develop their language skills and will also help them understand more words, expanding their vocabulary. Your toddler will now be able to:

Point at anything when they are named

Understand the names of parents, siblings, body parts, and objects

Come up with a sentence with two to four words

Attend to simple instructions

Repeat words overheard in a conversation


These are some movements and expressions that can help you understand Child Development Milestones Age 2.

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