Child Development Psychology Salary Information

child development psychology salary

This article will explain the different areas of psychology that a qualified individual can work in, as well as give you a general idea on what it would take to become a practicing professional in the field. After reading this article, you should be able to get an idea of how much money you could potentially make if you decided to enter the world of child development psychology.

Child Psychologists Are The Professionals

Child psychologists are the professionals who help families and children deal with various issues. It doesn’t matter whether your family has one child or twenty. A child development professional can help any family dealing with all sorts of developmental challenges. These people have degrees in different areas of psychology and specialize in either child or adolescent psychology. You can get a psychology degree from a college or university that specializes in child development, or you can just go straight to graduate school and earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The type of degree program you get will determine what type of job you can find after graduation.

One area of psychology that has a great deal of job stability is developmental psychology. Most jobs available in this area are in private practice. Private practices are great because they offer flexible hours, medical insurance, and excellent benefits. Children that grow up in these private practices will grow up to be adults that are very successful at home, in business, and in society. If you want to earn a higher child development salary, you will need to take classes at a college or university that specializes in child development. You can also earn your degree online.

The salaries for child development pros tend to be high. If you want to break into the professional field of child development, you might have to pursue graduate school or a master’s degree. Some graduates get jobs in corporate settings, but more often they go to work in private practices. You can expect to make anywhere from ten thousand dollars to several hundred thousand dollars a year. As a graduate of an accredited school, your earning potential will be great. There are several places to find jobs in this field, but the most common is private practice.

The second area that has a great deal of job stability is clinical psychology. This is a way of psychology that focuses on counseling and therapy for those who have a mental illness or disability. The child development salary for clinical psychologists usually starts at around fifteen thousand dollars a year. It goes up from there, based on the specific location of the job.

Another area of child development that has a lot of employment is special education. Those who work in special education are found in schools, day care centers, universities, and private school teacher’s aide positions. In private settings, child development professionals earn anywhere from two to four hundred thousand dollars a year. It also depends on the particular college or school you are working at. For example, a college teacher’s aide will usually make between two to four hundred dollars a year. If you are hired by a private school in New York City, you might earn a thousand dollars or more each month.

Summing Up

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The areas mentioned above are the most common ones in which child development professionals find work. They cover just about every place where child development is an issue. The only area that doesn’t pay very much is clinical psychology, which is typically what those specializing in child development would prefer to work in. Fortunately, many jobs in this field pay very well, especially if you have a Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology.

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