Child Development Stages At The Age Of One

Child Development Stages At The Age Of One

The different child development stages come rushing right from the time your baby learns to crawl. As parents, it sometimes gets tricky to recognize all these stages of a child’s growth. Some standard guidelines will help you understand the way your child is growing. Let us take a closer look.

Physical Changes: One Of The Vital Child Development Stages

By the time babies become one year old, their parents start to notice some changes. Toddlers become curious about everything that they see. So, they start crawling all around the house to grab anything interesting to them. They will do a lot of things for the very first time.

Child Development Stages At The Age Of One
Child Development Stages At The Age Of One

These changes are indications that you should take more care of your child. By the child’s first birthday, he/she should start to walk a few steps. Their muscles begin to get stronger. The enhanced muscle strength would mean your little one can now stand on his own for a few seconds without any support. Moreover, your baby will reach out to hold small objects with their index finger and thumb. This skill is known as ‘pincer grasp,’ which would also encourage them to scribble with pencils or crayons. This is a noticeable change as a part of the child development stages at this age.

Learning Skills: Another Important One Of The Child Development Stages

Kids belonging to this age get fascinated by simple toys or household goods. So, they may often refuse to play with complicated toys. You would notice that your toddler is exploring things with their baby-acts. Like throwing small things around, smashing pots and pans, trying to stack up small objects, among others. These unique activities would ensure that your baby is exploring everything that comes close to their hands. So, they are also gaining knowledge about different sounds, colors, and shapes.


As your little one grows, you would start to grow impatient as to when he/she would say his/her first word. This is the time where they utter simple, short words. With time they will even begin to learn a few more recognizable words. Apart from words, they should also start to recognize and understand simple gestures and commands. So, in return, they can communicate with you with gestures or expressions.

Emotional Growth: Another Crucial Part Of The Child Development Stages

Parents need to ensure that their child is thriving emotionally at this stage of their development. Your child feels happy and supported when he/she is around you. During this time, they would generally develop close bonding with their parents and grandparents. Toddlers feel uncomfortable when they are not around their parents. So, it is crucial to give your child adequate attention until the time they adapt to their surroundings. 

Child Development Stages At The Age Of One
Child Development Stages At The Age Of One

Social Skills

At this age, toddlers slowly recognize various social things. Even though they are most comfortable around their parents, they will start to develop an interest in other people as well. However, if your child is shy, he/she may take longer to adjust to new people. Children usually have a higher chance of getting along nicely with other children at this age. So, encouraging your toddler to play with other children is a great way to ascertain a healthy social life for him/her.

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