Child Development Stages When Your Kid’s Age Is Two

Child Development Stages When Your Kid’s Age Is Two

Various child development stages are full of uncanny changes. It is essential to identify them and act accordingly. The little one will start to show some significant changes by the time he/she is around two years old. Parents may find it tricky to cope up with some of the changes that their babies start to indicate. Let us go through a few guidelines that would help you as parents to understand the changes your child is experiencing.

Child Development Stages When Your Kid’s Age Is Two
Child Development Stages When Your Kid’s Age Is Two

Physical Changes

By the time toddlers are about two years old, they already would have been walking for some months. Around this time, you should notice your child getting steadier on his/her feet. Toddlers also start to run and jump at this age. Apart from this, babies begin holding small things with a lot more control. They would even walk up and down the stairs gripping the railing. Along with such significant muscle movements, toddlers also develop fine motor skills. You may notice your baby building tower blocks, holding pencils and crayons using fingers, etc.

Toddlers gain imagination power around this time. You may notice them playing with a toy car and imitating the sound of a car engine. This is normal as your child is becoming more creative and is learning to think in new ways. You would notice your toddler solving more complex puzzles, using longer phrases, etc. Adapting to these changes is very important to support your toddler during this phase of the child development stages.

Cognitive Development: A Vital Part Of Child Development Stages

Communication Skills

When babies are around two years old, they will start to change the way they speak. Toddlers would start including longer sentences when they speak. Moreover, they should be able to repeat the words they hear. It is an exciting phase for parents to see their little ones speak using more words.

But as parents, you should also remember that every child grows at his/her speed. If you see your friend’s child getting ahead with words, don’t worry. Your toddler would soon catch up as well.

Social And Emotional Development

Typically, babies belonging to this age group start to feel independent. They would think that they can do things by themselves like walking, running, climbing up small furniture, etc. Toddlers should also start to gain interest in other kids, as well. They would want to play near other kids of their age, if not with them.

Child Development Stages When Your Kid’s Age Is Two
Child Development Stages When Your Kid’s Age Is Two

You should be prepared to handle the irritation your child shows at times. This is due to your toddler not being able to express with words what they feel. As they get better with words, they would be able to convey their emotions better.

Learning Skills: One Of The Child Development Stages

Two-year-old toddlers start learning to identify images of animals, fruits, and vegetables with simple names. They would have an improved memory. Toddlers usually would know what games they would like to play and their other favorite things. Most children of this age would know their names as well.

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