Child Stages Of Development To Measure Their Growth

child stages of development

When a baby is born the parents are very excited and thrilled about their parent’s journey. During the journey of growing up, babies show new development and exciting things. Not some major events but some small incidents like crawling out of the crib, speaking the first word, the first smile, and much more. During their growth in the initial year, parents are more often requiring that their baby show proper growth or not. Shows to make enjoy and major your baby growth the child stages of development are created by professionals. This helps you to check and ensure that your baby’s mental and physical abilities are developing in a proper manner or not. To know more about different stages of child development from early childhood to adolescence read the entire article.

Which Areas To Consider In Child Stages Of Development 

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Physical Skills 

 It includes motor skills such as rolling over, standing walking, sitting, running, and the ability to maintain balance, etc. It also includes using fingers and hand’s ability to do activities like draw paint, write, eat.

Emotional Skills

 It includes how the baby reacts to the events and situations occurring around his or her environment. Does your baby giggle or cry in any particular situation?. As a child mature they should have the capability to deal with emotions like frustration, anger, hatred, happiness and should react in the correct manner according to the situation.

Mental Or Cognitive Skills

It mainly includes capabilities like thinking, learning, problem-solving, reasoning. This mental skill develops fully when your child becomes more mature.

Social Skill 

This skill includes child skills of interacting and socializing with people. The skill of developing new relationships and maintaining them for a long time. The ability to maintain and grow personal and professional relationships for a long period of time.

3 Main Stages Of Child Development

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The stages of child development are broadly divided into three parts

  • Early childhood (birth to eight years)
  • Middle childhood (8 to 12 years)
  • Adolescence ( 12 to18 years)

Early Childhood

  • During the first year, the baby develops some social development when the attachment formation becomes critical especially for mothers caregivers.
  • By three years a child doubles in their height and quadruples in their weight generally. This age child is able to walk, eat, scribble and build a strong coordination system also.
  • Between 3 to 5 years a child is placed in preschool. In this age group, a child’s physical growth starts and develops more motor skills.

Middle Childhood

  • My eighth child is able to understand basic abstract concepts like time and morning. Child cognitive skills and personality interpersonal skills will become strong. As a parent, you observe your child will have a small social circle of friends with them. She or he will be building social relationships with senior children also.
  • In this stage, the main development is integration skills within individual and social life. Physical development is not seen at this age because it is more in adolescence.


At this age, children grow through various changes in their bodies. During this child feels confused, diverse, frightening due to changes in areas of physical, emotional, and cognitive growth massively. The physical changes are made at this age and the height and weight increase in this age. Your child now has social life and personality to deal with every situation and understand the world in a more mature way.


In the entire article different stages of child development are covered from early childhood to adolescence stage. To measure and ensure your child’s development through various stages of life go through the article and ensure your child has exponential growth at every stage of life.

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