Cognitive Child Development Between Ages 5-8 Of Children

Cognitive Child Development Between Ages 5-8 Of Children

Child development is crucial between ages 5-8 on the intellectual front. At this age, they go to school and demonstrate real enthusiasm to learn things. So, you should learn more about the cognitive development phase of these 5-8 years old kids. Furthermore, it will enable you to keep track of whether they are reaching specific milestones.

Cognitive Child Development Between Ages 5-8 Of Most Children
Cognitive Child Development Between Ages 5-8 Of Most Children

Key Points To Remember About Child Development Between Ages 5-8

  • Once children reach the age of 5-8 (the school-age), they are more able to place themselves in other people’s shoes maturely. Along with that, their imaginative and perceptive way of thinking also matures during the school-age.
  • Secondly, these kids disclose genuine enthusiasm to learn new things while striving to gain self-confidence. They are open to embracing the necessary skills to understand the world and others around them.
  • When they step into their 8th year, kids can articulate their feelings properly. Also, they can solve various problems verbally and with a range of ideas.

The Transitional Phase: Child Development Between Ages 5-8

The school-age years are a transitional phase where the thoughts shift from egocentric way to more mature and imaginative path. However, the previous thought process is not to be confused as selfishness. In this phase, they can put themselves in others’ shoes. All throughout this phase, children demonstrate their genuine enthusiasm for learning new concepts. So, they strive to gain self-confidence while developing necessary skillsets for understanding the world. Hence, age five is the kindergarten time for your kid. It’s their first step towards school life. By the time children become eight years old, their expressing capability matures to articulate what they feel.

Milestones The Kids Achieve

5-6 years Old

During this time, their vocabulary increases from less to approximately 2,000 words. So, they begin to compose various sentences with more than four words. Also, 5-6 years olds can count at least ten objects at once, unlike when they are younger. Apart from that, their understanding of directions slowly develops. As they have more words in their stock, they make reasoning and argue. So, they question everything and want to explain things.

At this phase, their brain can differentiate between toys and books. As the kids reach their six years threshold, they recognize concepts like today, yesterday, and tomorrow. When it comes to doing simple assignments, they can do it independently.

7-8 years Olds

When the kids cross 5-6 years threshold, their attention span grows deeper. Along with that, they willingly take responsibility for doing chores. The understanding of fractions and space concepts heightens during this time.

Do you know that children also understand money by the age of eight? If you ask these kids to tell the time, they correctly read the time and tell. Remembering names of days and months become easier for them.

Cognitive Child Development Between Ages 5-8 Of Most Children
Cognitive Child Development Between Ages 5-8 Of Most Children

Parenting Tips For Child Development Between Ages 5-8

As he/she would start to read by themselves by that time, make their library card. If they visit the library regularly, it will enrich their vocabulary, desire to know and spark the imagination. Introduce them with the creative and historic world outside their home. It will entitle the kids to explore various perspectives.

Giving a child some uninterrupted time will strengthen the parent-child bond. As parents, avoid prolonged use of digital objects for them.

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