Do You Know About the 4 Cognitive Stages For Child Development

four stages of child development

You can be the best parent if you know how to raise the child. The children are capable of learning things by themselves. And this is the best way they can learn. Experience teaches them a lot of things.  

Parents play a huge and main role in the development of the kids. You need to identify the circle where your child is growing. The school and the surrounding depends a lot on the development of the child. Proper guidance and attention are required for your child to develop for a brighter future. 

There are four stages of childhood development. 

  • Sensorimotor Stage
A little girl holding a toy

In this stage, the age of the child is around years. The child does not know how to speak and cannot walk properly in this age group. The child’s learning is through the senses and the movements or manipulation of the objects. The child cannot speak and hence might not be able to express their feeling. But they do learn a lot from what they feel. 

  • Preoperational Stage
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During this, the age of the child is about 2 to 7 years. During this stage, the child develops themselves enormously. The child’s grasping power is maximum at this age as the memory of the child is generated during this age. The imagination power of the child also starts to develop. They start understanding things symbolically and start memorizing the past. Also, they start understanding their future. 

  • Concrete Operational Stage 

The age group for this stage is 7 to 11. The child starts to develop feelings and gets aware of the events happening in their life. They no more ask and demand useless things. They tend to become mature and understand what is required for them and what is not. You need to take care of them at this stage as they start to understand things. You need to make sure they learn the right things. 

  • Formal Operational Stage 

The age group of the child is 11 years and older in this stage. The child then starts to solve the problems on their own and starts to plan the future. As a result, the maturity of the child increases, and they tend to understand the problems and situations happening in their life. 


Understanding the process of child development is a must. As a parent, you must be aware of what things are essential for the child during a certain stage. Later the child develops maturity by themselves and will start to understand things. You need not teach them everything at every stage of life. But you need to take care of the child at a very early stage till 11 years. During this stage, the grasping power of the child is highest. Hence the foundation of the child must be strong for them to make their best future. 

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