Early Childhood Development And Its Importance

Early Childhood Development And Its Importance

Childhood is the stage of your life when you learn to conquer the fears. It is an important stage for your physical and mental development. The internal and external development of a child will have a direct effect on his overall lifestyle later.  In fact, a person’s behavior and manners are directly related to the way the person was born and brought up. So, when we talk about the nature of a person, we tend to forget that it is the outcome of his early childhood development.

Early Childhood Development And Its Importance
Early Childhood Development And Its Importance

There are three stages of child development.

  • Early Childhood
  • Middle Childhood
  • Adolescence

These three stages of a child’s life are not only crucial for their future but also vital for what they learn and how fast they develop themselves.

Various factors determine the growth and development of a child during their early childhood days.


Every child inherits from their mother, father and their grandparents. Sometimes, they have similarities with their grandparents also. It can be the height, the weight, the looks, or other things. But there are also some disorders and issues regarding health that pass on genetically which can be very harmful to the child.

The physical development of a child means the development that occurs regarding height and weight. Physical development also involves growth in the bone and the entire structure of the body.

Parenting, Culture, And Society

Parents play the most crucial role in their children’s life. It is sometimes seen that harsh behavior from the parents like shouting, scolding, punishing leads to kids becoming hypersensitive. It also makes the child indifferent and makes them very introvert. But many parents are very loving and caring for their kids which makes them better persons with a better future.

Cultural activities in the society are needed as they provide great lessons to the children and provide space for social interactions. The things which are happening in society are what the child will see and learn as they grow into adults.

Nutrition During Adolescence

Nutrition is a crucial part of every children’s well-being and growth. If the child gets the right food, it will have a positive effect on his/her mental and physical development. But if they don’t, then it can hamper various body parts. Vitamin, mineral, and iron deficiency can cause retardation in the development of a child. It might have long term effects also in the future.

Early Childhood Development And Its Importance
Early Childhood Development And Its Importance

Nature And Environment During Early Childhood Development

A child’s development also depends on the environment where he/she is born and grown-up. A polluted environment affects the growth of a child to a very high level.

Early Childhood Development: The Takeaway Point

Thus we should always follow the above rules to keep our children fit and healthy.

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