Erikson Stages Of Child Development- One To Three

erikson stages of child development

Erikson is a popular name when it comes to parenting books. He is a developmental psychologist and he has a specialization in child psychoanalysis. This is what means by how the needs of a kid blend with the needs of the society. Erikson talks about eight stages of development but here we will talk about three stages in this article. There are some crises that we face at each stage of this development process. 

When we resolve these problems we get psychologically developed and develop some traits that will help us become healthy individuals. But this theory has some issues and the first one is that there is no mention of the ways in which one can resolve these issues and how to move from one place to another. These are the Erikson stages of child development and these Erikson stages of child development are simple to understand and comprehend. 

Stage 1: Trust

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This is the first stage of this and this begins when the child gets born and continues till the child turns one and even beyond that.  At this stage the child is totally dependent upon you for everything including food, physical care, and other things. By giving them these basic things you tell the child that they can depend upon you for everything. Once this trust develops, your child is ready to face the world. Although there are some times when you may get angry, don’t worry that is not a problem at all. This helps the child stay wary about the surroundings which is also important. 

Stage 2: Autonomy

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You know you have done something right when your toddler starts to become independent. They try to do something by themselves and they even insist on it. Instead of telling the child what to do and how to do it let them be. Let them choose their own snacks and try to wear their own shoes. This is also the time when you can start toilet training your child. This will give them a sense of control and independence.

Stage 3: Initiative

These are the preschool years and this is the time when your child goes out and interacts with others. They can take initiative and control the things that happen in their life. This is the time when you let your child explore and interact with other people. If you keep controlling the child, he will not be able to take initiative which is not a good thing.


These are the three stages in Erikson stages of child development. You must know about these stages if you want to know your child better. You will love the way of understanding the needs of your child with the help of this. It is a great way to make the children grow up in a right and encouraging environment. 

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