How to celebrate my parents day

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When it comes to celebrating your parent’s day, it is necessary to do so with lots of love and memories they have spent during your childhood. On this special occasion, you can give them something which they want but never presented before. It is not just about that gift, but also the unconditional love you have for your parents. It would definitely make them feel special having their own child showering some extra attention on them on important days like today (parent’s day).

As you plan to celebrate your parent’s day by giving something special to them, think of the following items. I bet you may find these very useful for yourself as well:-

Wake up and hug your dear parents.

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First, surprise them by waking up early and giving them a hug. This will make your parents feel the love from their children. In return, they give you out much love as well!

Prepare breakfast to be served in bed.

So now that you have woken up early to surprise your mom or dad with a hug, what next? Another great idea to show off how much you care is preparing breakfast for them to eat in bed! How sweet is that? Make sure it’s not too messy though or else you might end up waking them up again because of all the cleaning that has to be done after. 😉

Hide candy/ flowers/ gifts somewhere in the house.

Hide some of your parents’ favorite candies (preferably chocolates) or flowers somewhere in the house for them to discover throughout the day. This will make your parents feel like they are loved even when you are away, AND it’ll make their day too!

Go out with your parents for a movie or dinner date.

Now that you’ve surprised your mom and dad with hugs and breakfast in bed, what next? The best way to keep your parent’s day going well is to take them out on an outing! Take them out for lunch or dinner at their favorite place or catch a show together. It doesn’t matter where you go as long as it’s something they love doing, because isn’t this whole day about making them happy? 😉

Give small gifts and cards along the way.

Give your parents small gifts and cards to show them how much you love and care. It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive or fancy; they’ll most probably appreciate notes or handmade cards more than anything! You can write it in a letter, make a card using old newspaper, tissue paper, and ribbons, paint a picture… Any creative ideas are welcomed as long as it comes from the heart 🙂

Give out hugs and kisses before going home!

Before you go back home for the day after spending time with your parents, don’t forget to give them lots of hugs and kisses! This will not only strengthen their love for you but also remind them that you’re always there when they need you the most!

Don’t forget to thank your parents for everything they’ve done for you.

This is the last but not least important step in showing how much you love and care for your parents. If ever there’s something you’re thankful for all this time, let them know what it is! It doesn’t always have to be something big; even simple little things like waking up early with a smile or cooking breakfast can make them feel special.


In the end, it doesn’t matter what you do to surprise your parents on their special day as long as it comes from the heart. Let them know how much they mean to you, and be grateful for everything that they’ve done for you!

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