How to show love to my parents

Parents are our first and best friends. They give us everything we need in our childhood. So, the love of parents is important at every stage of life. But it can be challenging if you are a parent. The difficulties may come with changing time and culture too. And that’s why sometimes people do not know how to show their parents love even they want to do so much for them. Here are some of the key points you must have to try to show your unconditional love.

Listen to them

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Listen to them without saying anything. Do not oppose or argue with them. Just listen because it will make them feel loved.

Take care of their health.

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Go for medical examination, treatment, and medication even if they did not ask for your help. Eat healthy food that is good for the heart just like what you want them to do too.

Encourage your parents

Encourage your parents when they are lamenting about their problems especially financial issues, illness, and loneliness by assuring all will be well when we put our trust in God.

Be a good example to your parents

Be a good example to your parents by leading them to Christ. Involve your parents in CROW activities every week/month for fellowship / spiritual guidance.

Pray in front of them

Do not be afraid of praying in front of your parents when you are alone with them; ask God for wisdom and strength so that they will accept the truth revealed through His Holy Spirit when you share about Jesus Christ with them. Make sure that there is an open Bible nearby when you pray so they can read it too if they want to know what you are praying about.

Thank your parents

Thank your parents though they have not done anything good for you because every child is a gift from God. You will never be able to thank them enough because of His great love and mercy toward us!

Pray for the protection

Pray for the protection, safety, physical health, and spiritual well-being of each member of your family as this will surely strengthen the bond no matter how far apart you are from them physically.

Take your parents out

Take your parents out for a treat or buy them something that they like and let them feel special every now and then so they will continue to love you unconditionally.

Always remember

Always remember what they taught you when you were growing up, be thankful, forgive and release any anger toward them even if they hurt you in the past because it is never too late to show our appreciation for all their sacrifices that have been done for you.

Pray for your parents

Pray for your parents that they will find peace in their lives, be free from fears and pains that come with old age, have meaningful life now till the end of their days, meet you in heaven one day because God is not willing that any should perish but all are given an opportunity to accept His Son Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Do not allow Satan to deceive you

Do not allow Satan to deceive you by thinking that what they did was wrong or it is too late to make amends now because opportunities are missed by those who do nothing but regrets will be much heavier when the time has passed away without taking action until it is too late!

Prepare their favourite things

Prepare their favourite meal, desserts and drinks for after dinner just like what they did during special occasions when you were growing up so they can feel your sincere love through your actions.

Invite them

Invite them to come over every day or at least once a week for chat sessions so you can know more about how they are doing physically, emotionally and spiritually! It is nice to hear “Thank God!” from elderly parents because it shows that they trust in Him even without looking back!

Avoid of blaming

Always remember that we do not own our parents; we only have the privilege of serving them while they are still living to teach us the right way of life because we will also become like them when we grow older and might commit mistakes too!

Pray earnestly

Pray earnestly to God for wisdom, strength and motivation so that you can help your parents in every possible way without worrying about how much it costs you physically, financially and emotionally because these three things will eventually fade away if we keep on depending on ourselves only while expecting everything from worldly sources!!

Do not criticize

Do not criticize but always encourage your parents by telling them “they should be able to do this or that” because they might feel insecure already due to old age. Help them with any house chores so they can rest well at night instead of waking up frequently just to check the doors and windows.

Never ever underestimate the elderly

Never ever underestimate the elderly because they have lots of experiences to share with you while nurturing you to become a responsible person, a faithful believer in God who does not give up easily but keeps on believing till the end! So learn from them while they are still above ground!!


Do not wait until it is too late to show your love and appreciation for all their sacrifices that have been done for you!! Be thankful now by taking actions so they will feel happy and satisfied with the way you treat them! Show God’s unconditional / limitless love for our parents through all these points.

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