Impacts of parental love on children

parental love

Parental love is the greatest gift, though some people fail to realize this. It’s not an action, it’s a feeling. A parent can’t love their children more than something, they just do it naturally. I feel like some people take their parental love for granted and don’t appreciate all the things that come with it. Being a child without parental love will make you feel like nobody loves you or cares about you. It will make you feel as if no one wants to be your parent and care for you.

A child grows up just fine having their parents’ support, while children without it can grow up to be extremely rebellious and/or insecure adults that never feel like they’re good enough for anything in life. Parental love has to be the greatest thing in the world because if you don’t have it, you’re going to grow up missing out on a lot of things.

1. Life changing factor

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Parental love is a life-changing factor for young children. If a child has their parents there to support them throughout life, they are going to have an easier time growing up and moving on into adulthood. With this parental love comes trust, comfort, happiness, success in every aspect of one’s life… the list goes on.

2. The first relationship

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Parental love is the first relationship children have with another human being. Your parents are the first people with whom you’ll interact, so your relationship must be a good one.

3. Protection factor

Children who have their parents’ love are going to feel more secure and protected than those who don’t. Having this sense of security around is always reassuring. It makes you feel as if everything is going to be alright.

4. Peer pressure

When children are around their peers, the pressure can be overwhelming sometimes. They want to fit in and make friends more than anything else in the world; but when they don’t have parental love, it’s not going to help them at all. Children who don’t have parental love will usually pick the “bad” friends and do all sorts of things they wouldn’t want to do if their parents were around. They’ll never feel guilt-free about what they’ve done because they didn’t grow up with that sense of security that their peers did.

5. Relationship factor

Parental love has a huge impact on a child’s relationships with other people. If they were brought up well, children will always know what kind of relationship to have with anyone else in their lives.

6. Kindness factor

Children who don’t grow up well are usually the ones who never learned the right way to treat others; but if you’re taught everything about behavior and right/wrong decisions, you’ll always be kind to everyone.

7. Future factor

Having the love of your parents is extremely important for children because it can impact them in so many ways. If they don’t have this parental love, their future will be sad. They won’t be able to go after their dreams or do whatever it is they want in life.

8. Happiness factor

Children with good parental love are usually the happiest children because their parents have done everything for them not to worry about anything at all. They’re already set out on the path of happiness and success just by having these loving parents.

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