Important Infant Milestones That Every Parent Must Know

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Infant milestones are defined as the age at which a child is able to take care of themselves and understand that they have needs. These milestones are important because they help parents determine whether or not their children can be independent. However, these milestones can also have a detrimental effect on the life of your child. Parents must recognize these milestones in order to make sure that the child is growing up as well as possible.

Important Infant Milestones

Infant Milestones Schedule
Infant Milestones Schedule

Age two is the first milestone when it comes to your child’s life. In this age, your child will have a vocabulary and will be able to speak in a way that most people understand. They will also be able to differentiate between objects and words and will have developed an interest in reading. They will also be able to tell time. By age two, your child will be able to walk by themselves and communicate with others, which will also mean that they can learn to play with them. Your child will begin to read books as well, although some of the early books will be accompanied with pictures.

Age four is the next milestone for your child. This is the time when your child begins to play with other children and begin to take on more responsibility for their own safety. They will also be able to read books or watch television. It is important to remember that your child does not necessarily want to be separated from you for the majority of this period. In fact, most children enjoy spending time with friends and family and don’t necessarily want to be left alone or left to be alone with a stranger. As such, it is important to give your child enough attention and let them enjoy their friends.

Fifth Milestone

At this point, your child is able to talk back to you in a meaningful way, so long as they know how to communicate with you. They can talk about problems that they might be having with school or their friends and they will be able to listen to you, rather than ignoring you completely. Most importantly, though, your child will be able to communicate with you in ways that allow them to express themselves and get what they want out of the relationship.

The fifth and final milestone your child reaches is that they have learned how to dress themselves. While this might seem like a pretty simple thing, many children do not understand that they have to look good in order to feel good about themselves. This can mean everything from not picking out shoes for themselves, to picking out their clothing for other people that they do not know very well. This is not a particularly difficult milestone to achieve as long as your child has a sense of what they want and a firm sense that their appearance will make them happy.

Sixth Milestone

 Infant Milestones Chart
Infant Milestones Chart

The sixth and final milestone that you should look for in your children is that they are able to sit up on their own. This is an area where a lot of children falter because they do not understand that it requires effort. If your child is still able to stand up, then that is great. However, they should be able to walk on their own and learn the rules about the house and other children, such as using the toilet.


Knowing these seven milestones is essential in that knowing when your child reaches one of these milestones means that your child is healthy and in a place where they feel safe. With that in mind, it is important for parents to be patient and let these milestones work on their development.

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