Introduction To The Early Child Development Stages

early child development stages

Do you want to know your child better? It is not very easy to understand the psychology of children. However, the early child development stages can throw some light on a few of their typical behaviors. Broadly, there are three main early child development stages. You must know that the kids are full of innocence and immaturity. Therefore, you have to handle each one of them with special care. Also, they are very much emotional. So, you have to learn about the milestones of early child development to understand them better.

Different Early Child Development Stages

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Do you want to learn about the thinking process of children? Well, the early child development stages can act as an eye-opener for you. The main three stages are;-

· Early Childhood

· Middle Childhood

· Adolescence

Early childhood is the period starting from birth to eight years of age. Middle childhood refers to the time-period between eight and twelve years. The last stage, that is, Adolescence, is the period from twelve and eighteen years. Thus, you have to go in depth at each of these stages to realize the kids’ actual thought process.

Complete Details About Early Child Development Stages

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The first stage among the early child development stages involves teaching the language. Language is the most powerful tool to express our feelings to another person. However, at the baby stage, the infants only have sounds to express themselves. Often, it becomes pretty difficult to understand their wishes. But, a keen observation of their behavior over the years will make you learn some minor details. The five-year-old kids tend to utter short sentences of five to seven words. However, this is possible if they get useful guidance from the parents as well as the primary school. As the kids grow up, communicating power becomes more prominent among them. Even by the age of 8 years, they are able to understand some basic ideas of our daily lives. These ideas may include time, studies, money, some actions, etc. Moreover, the kids of this technological era are really smart enough to handle smart devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Hence, you have to teach according to their level of knowledge.

Some Moments Of Child Development

During the first one year, social attachment is significant for any child. Slowly they come to understand the bonding of him/her with other persons around them. Moreover, the relationship with the mother and father also falls in this category. The experiences in the early child development stages play a critical role in their future life. Furthermore, parents should identify gender, colors, peers, relatives, and family members. This is the most critical stage of an individual’s life when they come to know about the family, friends, and outsiders. You should also teach your child about the good and bad touch to make him/her aware of the opposing sides of society.


The early child development stages are of utmost importance to make them teach the right thing at the right time. Moreover, giving proper knowledge at the initial stage is critical to prepare the little one for the upcoming days.

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