Know About The Piaget Stages Of Child Development

piaget stages of child development

Jean Piaget, a famous swiss developmental psychologist who focussed on studying children in the early 20th century. In 1936, his theory of cognitive or intellectual development got published. Many branches of education and psychology still make use of this theory. This theory mainly focuses on the children from their birth time to adolescence and focuses on characterizing a child’s different development stages that include morals, language, memory, and reasoning. Piaget’s stages of child development studies by Piaget also made different assumptions about children while he was developing this theory.

Children build knowledge themselves by exploring the things themselves.

Children learn things on their own basis without the influence of older children or adults.

Children learn by nature as they stay motivated by it.

4 Piaget Stages Of Child Development

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There are around four Piaget stages of child development that are listed below:

Sensorimotor Stage

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A child comes at this stage at the age of 18-24 months old. Children perform the motor activity without any signals from parents. They learn things around them based on their own experiences. The end goal of this stage in a child is the establishment of understanding of object permanence which means that an object exists even if you can’t see it.

Preoperational Stage

2 to 7 years old children experience this preoperational stage where the child develops language, imagination, and memory. Children become egocentric, which states that children face a lot of difficulties thinking outside of their own viewpoints. The main achievement of this stage is to attach meaning to different objects with language. Children develop symbolic thoughts where an object or word is used to represent something other than itself.

Concrete Operational

7 to 11 years old children experience the concrete operational stage where they become more logical and understand the methodical manipulation of symbols. They become less egocentric and become more aware of the outside world and the events happening in the world. At this very stage, the main goal of children is to start working several things out inside their own head. The operational thought allows the kids to solve several problems without being present physically in the situations in the real world.

Formal Operational

This is a child’s stage from adolescence to adulthood. They start using symbols to easily relate to abstract concepts. They are able to make hypotheses and grasp several abstract relationships and concepts. At this very age, a person focuses on building knowledge instead of changing how it is understood or acquired.


The work of Jean Piaget has helped a lot of people to understand deeply how children develop knowledge at different stages of their life starting at birth. Institutes still use his theory from kindergartens itself through 12th-grade classrooms. These Piaget stages of child development theory will help you in understanding your kid in a much better way. You will soon be able to assist your child in his own learning development.

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