Milgards For Every Stage Of Child Development Book Review

milestones of child development book

There is a common misconception that all children progress through the same set of milestones. This is simply not true. The age-specific developmental milestones are essential for parents and educators to properly gauge the child’s current level of development and identify areas for additional instruction or testing.

These developmental milestones in child development include: moving to a sitting position, standing, walking, chewing, and even saying, “It hurts”. Of course, these are just some of the general milestones, which cover all the major milestones and provide a framework for further discussion. There are specific milestones for different age groups. For example, one child may be able to sit and roll over; another may have to wait until he is sitting up to do this. Also, there are different milestones for different activities, like walking, going up and down stairs, crawling, playing catch, etc.

How They Are Progressing

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A great many professionals including teachers, parents, doctors, and therapists use the Milestones of Child Development Book to help them gauge the development of their students and see how they are progressing. For teachers, these books are useful because they can refer to the files for specific information regarding a particular milestone, rather than having to write it out themselves. Also, the steps in the book are linked to the relevant information in the Parent’s Guide to Developmental Age Standards. Therefore, if the parent has a certain developmental criterion, the corresponding step in the checklist will provide a clear direction as to what the child needs to do in order to reach that goal.

The book has 12 sections and each section focuses on a specific area of development. That means that a young child will be focusing on reading, writing, speaking, using the toilet, and so forth. Each section includes an explanation of the key elements involved in that activity. This will make it easier for parents to track progress as the child becomes more proficient. It also makes it easier to compare performance over time and to identify trends.



One of the sections of the book that especially caught my attention was the discussion of milestones. The way the author chose to design the format of the book made it very easy to use the chapter headings to mark specific stages of development. I particularly liked the “Totaled” stage. It had the sub-categories of physical, verbal, emotional, social, creative, motor skills and competence. Each of these is quite clearly defined in the text.

I particularly like how the author breaks down the different types of milestones. She uses the example of babies. At first glance, it might not make sense, but babies use many of the same milestones as toddlers and young children. It only requires a little more reading to recognize that babies are developing both gross and fine motor skills at the same time.

Monitoring The Development Of Their Child

A parent may be concerned about their baby not meeting some of the milestones, but the author provides examples of how the milestone can be achieved and how to support the child in reaching each milestone. The book contains several activities designed to support the parent in monitoring the development of their child. The activities include: Bonding Activities, Encouragement and Support, Inspirational Activities, Parenting Time, and Activity Book.

There are also Parent Teacher Praise Activities. The activities and assessment tools work very well together to provide a very complete and user-friendly tool. The book is very thorough and covers all the important milestones and activities that must be used to support a child’s development from birth to age three.

Final Words

As a parent, you will no doubt want to know what is going on with your child. Having this information in a single place will allow you to monitor your child’s progress and eventually help you know how to support the child in his or her development. This book is a great reference and contains very complete information about the developmental milestones of your child.

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