OCR Child Development Book – How To Make The Best Use Of It

ocr child development book

OCR or “Oxford Cambridge and RSA” is a not-for-profit organization that aims at the students’ evolution and growth to help them strengthen their skills and potential. Child development is essential in both physical as well as mental aspects. OCR child development book is an excellent source of knowledge that will help students gain insight into the development aspects.

OCR Child Development Vs. GCSE And The Importance Of Child Development Book

OCR Child Development, which was introduced in 2016, is different from GCSE as in GCSE, there were set tasks from which the students were to choose three as two practical ones. One investigative whereas with OCR, you have a model assignment that helps in the students’ early evaluation. OCR Child Development is a course meant for students aged 14-16 years to boost their knowledge and practical skills. Thus, the OCR Child development book is helpful as it contains the required material along with illustrations and diagrams to give life to the subject.

Different Specifications Of The Book And Why To Read It

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The book consists of several topics to ensure the students gain full knowledge about the course and also helpful for them to achieve the qualification. The book is a must-have for those aiming to master the course and helps them gain a certificate in the applied child development process. The different contents of the book along with their importance for the students’ are-

Physical Development, Family and parenting, Reproduction, Intellectual, Social and Emotional Development, and Conditions for Development are the topics which are useful for the learning aspects of the student and the knowledge about them is useful for them in further studies in topics including Biology and other Child Development aptitude programs.

More Details

Childhood illness and Child Safety, Nutrition and Health, postnatal checks, and care are the topics that will help in gaining an insight into the various equipment needs of the babies and young children. Knowledge of these factors will help understand the hygiene practices and issues related to health and how to cure them by selecting appropriate dietary plans.

Preparation for pregnancy and birth, Community Support, and antenatal care are the topics that help the students analyze the process of childbirth procedure and also notice the changes happening in a child of 5 years old. It will be of great use for the students in the future while their further studies and other support topics.

The book also contains a separate section containing papers for easy evaluation of the students and practice for their assessment.

Exam Preparation

The OCR Child Development Book is very advantageous as it assists the students in their OCR level ½ Cambridge Certification. The book also provides the students with past papers and sample learners for their ease of studying.


Child development undergoes several stages, and all of these require physical, mental, intellectual, and emotional growth for the proper development of the child. OCR Child Development Book aims to incorporate all the elements mentioned above. A separate Teacher Resource Guide is associated with the book for the students’ appropriate guidance for their qualification.

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