Organic Baby Clothes: Non-Organic Clothes

Organic Baby Clothes: Non-Organic Clothes

Organic baby clothes are as different from non-organic clothes as a flower is different from a rock. This distinction is one of the main reasons why organic baby clothes are preferred over non-organic.

Safe Ingredients: Non-Organic Clothes

First, let’s discuss what organic clothing is. While the word “organic” is an oxymoron, many organic parents will tell you that their baby clothes are produced without any harmful chemicals and are made in accordance with the highest standards of safety and health. This means that the clothes are safe for babies and that they are also made with safe ingredients for both mother and child.

Organic baby clothes
Organic Baby Clothes: Non-Organic Clothes

Fabric Imaginable

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the differences between organic baby clothes and non-organic baby clothes. Keep in mind that organic clothing for babies is available in just about every fabric imaginable, from burlap to faux-fur.

Original Cotton: Non-Organic Clothes

First, organic cotton clothing is generally made from 100% organically grown cotton. While children love the feel of their clothing, we shouldn’t forget that clothing does a lot more than warmth. Organic cotton clothing is also a great way to teach children about the environment. This is particularly important for young children, who don’t have much choice about which clothing they wear.

Great Service: Non-Organic Clothes

Parents who use organic cotton clothing know that they are doing their children a great service. These parents feel good knowing that their children are safer because of their clothing. They may be thinking that clothing is only useful for warm weather, but this is not true.

Keep Temperature Little Lower

Many parents swear by the way organic baby clothes make their children feel. They know that their children have a much easier time adjusting to the temperature of the weather because of the clothing. The added warmth provided by the clothing can help keep the temperature a little lower than what it would be otherwise.

Cold And Windy Condition

One of the greatest advantages of organic clothes is that they are designed to be used in even cold and windy conditions. While raincoats and fleece blankets can be used in the winter, these aren’t always made to be worn during the winter months. On the other hand, organic clothing can be used to make warm blankets or snowmen for those long nights of cold.

Make Excellent Choice

Organic baby clothes also make excellent choices for the baby that’s not yet crawling or who has yet to learn how to walk. Many parents feel that organic baby clothes are the best for babies who haven’t mastered walking or talking yet. Many organic baby clothes include protective layers that make them perfect for babies who have yet to learn how to walk.

Protect From Harmful UV Rays

Organic baby clothes also make excellent choices for the baby who has trouble breathing, especially when it’s cold outside. This type of clothing can make the difference between a sick baby or a healthy baby. It will also protect the baby’s skin from harmful UV rays, making the clothes much healthier for the baby.

Moderate Climates: Non-Organic Clothes

While some parents feel that organic baby clothes are meant for warmer climates. Parents that live in more moderate climates may find organic baby clothes extremely helpful. Parents in warmer climates may find the comfort of organic baby clothes to be even more appealing.

Organic baby clothes and non-organic clothes
Organic Baby Clothes: Non-Organic Clothes

No Synthetic Chemicals

Unlike non-organic baby clothes, organic baby clothes are made with every fiber intact. This means that parents can be confident that there are no synthetic chemicals or chemical agents inside the clothing. While the clothes might not be perfect all the time, this is certainly a big improvement over clothing made with chemicals.


The best thing about organic baby clothes is that the clothes will keep their natural appearance after a few washes. Even if they do get a little dirty and start to wear off, the clothes will easily come back to life after a simple wash. Because of this, they are perfect for a lot of situations, especially parents who are very particular about their clothes.

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