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the term “tiger mom” is a colloquial expression derived from the last name of Chinese American p…

meaning and origin of the phrase “tiger mother”

in parenting, a tiger mother is a strict or demanding mother. in her book battle hymn of the tiger mother, writer Amy Chua defines a tiger mother as one who pushes her children to high levels of achievement through a rigorous regime of academic and extracurricular activity.

chua’s book sparked much controversy and debate over the merits and disadvantages of the tiger mother parenting style. some praised her for her tough-love approach, while others argued that it would be harmful to children, especially if taken too far.

the phrase “tiger mother” may have evolved from the nickname of amy chua’s mother, who is referred to as tai tian mu (“tiger mom”) in Chua’s book. the term was first used in a different context by writer paul Thomas Andrews in an autobiographical essay entitled “tiger mother” published in the new york times on an op-ed page on January 8, 2009.

in his essay, Andrews writes about the parenting style of his Chinese immigrant mother, who was very strict with her three sons. although this usage predates Amy Chua’s book, it is unclear whether Andrews was directly inspired by the memoir.

a similar expression dates back to a 2002 article written by Lawrence Koh and Uma Swaminathan. in their piece, which appeared in “child” magazine, Koh and Swaminathan recount their experiences of being raised by parents with an Indian-style “tiger parent” approach.

the phrase has also been used to describe the parenting style of other Asian immigrants, including those from Vietnam, south KoreaSouth, and japan.

overall, there is no one definitive definition of a “tiger mother.” rather, it is a general term that encompasses a broad range of parenting styles. one thing that all tiger mothers have in common is their goal to raise successful children through rigorous discipline, high expectations, and strong work ethic.

behaviors that characterize a “tiger mother”

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the following are some examples of the types of behaviors that characterize a “tiger mother” as well as advice on how to instill these traits in your child:

– set and enforce high expectations: tiger mothers expect their children to meet or exceed their standards, and they will do whatever it takes to help them succeed.

-“she would constantly question me about whether my handwriting was elegant enough, whether I had properly drawn the characters of a word, whether I understood the meaning of what I had read, whether I could recite a poem by heart, and countless other details”

– don’t be afraid to use discipline: tiger mothers often employ strict disciplinary measures to motivate their children.

-“she would hit me with a wooden slipper on my palms if I didn’t practice the violin for hour after hour, or make me stand in the corner for a full hour if I used a wrong word in a composition or drew an ungainly circle”

-“she didn’t let me be friends with other kids who weren’t the best students, and she stopped at nothing to force me to practice even when I was sick”

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