Know About The Physical Development And Its Stages

Know About The Physical Development And Its Stages

The physical development of a development program refers to the growth and development in strength, maturity, as well as body parts. Physical development is an umbrella term that involves the concept of better performance with high complexity. The development includes language, social and motor skills also. 

Here we will be discussing various stages of physical development that a child experiences from birth till the end of the adolescence period.

Physical Development For An Infant

This is the stage of life where you are just born and you are going through the first few weeks and months of your life. At this phase, a baby’s movements are reflexive. Some of the reflex actions of the baby can be something like just loud sounds or various position changes. Some reflexes involve grasping something with hands or feet. Within the first year, the baby needs to learn to clasp objects and also sit and stand on their own. They should also be physically ready to crawl and walk.

Know About The Physical Development And Its Stages
Know About The Physical Development And Its Stages

When Your Kid Is A Toddler

A kid is a toddler when he/she is between an age group of 1 year to 3 years old. At this stage, the kids should be able to walk on their own. They should also be able to perform activities like jumping from place to place or climbing up the staircase. Physical movements at this stage also include holding things with hands properly and scribbling on papers with pencils and crayons. Learning to ride tricycles is also a part of this stage.

Physical Development When Your Child Is A Pre-Schooler

The pre-schooler age of a child occurs when they are between 3 years to 5 years old. They go to schools, meet new people. At this stage of the development, they learn various activities like skipping, jumping, throwing, catching and many more stuff. Some kids are also taken to various institutions like singing schools, dance schools. Some of them even start learning to swim, play football, or cricket. But some parents wish to make their kids start these activities later on in their lives. However, an early start is always recommended.

When The Kid Goes To School

At this stage of development, the child is aged between 6 years to 12 years old. They learn to make new friends. They are more organized and learn about social living. Also, they learn various qualities which include better hand and eye coordination. They learn to behave better and become accustomed to time management. They learn activities like cutting, pasting and creating artistic stuff. At this stage of physical development, kids are much more confident around their strengths and weaknesses. Playing games like cricket, football, basketball, doing swimming, hiking is quite common at this phase.

Know About The Physical Development And Its Stages
Know About The Physical Development And Its Stages

Physical Development Of A Child: The Takeaway Point  

The physical development of a kid is thus broken down into four simple and logical groups to make things understandable. Each of these phases plays a key role in determining various developmental stages of a child while they grow up in their lives.

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