Physical Development Changes Of A New Born Baby Till 6 Months


With the newborns, physical development changes occur faster when they grow up. The incredible amount of changes takes place in a short time. So parents have to stay up-to-date about all the new things that the baby is experiencing.

Just after the birth of a child, the healthcare provider must measure the baby’s length, weight, and head size regularly. When it comes to determining the baby’s growth, these measurements are vital. There will be a chart to track the growth pattern of the newborn.

Physical Development Changes Of A New Born Baby Till 6 Months
Physical Development Changes Of A New Born Baby Till 6 Months

Some physical development milestones that parents can witness during the 0-6th month of a baby:

Physical Development Of Baby’s First Month

After your baby’s birth, the weight can drop. However, they will sooner regain the right weight. During the first month, their arms, hands, legs and rooting movements are just reflex motions. So, their head flops without any supports. During this time, babies can identify their mother’s voice. However, they start hearing any noise.

Physical Growth Of A Two-Month Old

When the babies enter their second month, their muscles relax and also twitch less. This time, a newborn can lift his head 45° while he lies down on the tummy. Even his hands start to fold and unfold more. Therefore, they can grasp any object for a shorter period. Apart from that, their eyes begin to move in unison and they track close moving objects. Also, during this phase, they can roll over one way.

Three Months Old

Babies stretch out their arms and legs while they reach their third month after birth. Also, they can roll to side from back. Like in the second month, they hold up their heads after hearing sounds and seeing movements. It is a curious time for the little one as they discover their hands and feet. So, they would hold any object longer. Also, they swipe on the floor with their arms. They slowly start to bear weight on their legs. Sometimes, their first tooth starts to grow between third to sixth months. For some babies, it can happen later on.

Physical Changes Of A Baby During Fourth Month

With help from someone, they start to stand up on their feet. However, they wobble most as their muscles are yet to build. Now they can roll to side from front. Also, they lift their heads at least 90°. With the support of their arms, they also reach to grab objects. They can hold their hands together time-to-time.

Physical Development Changes Of A New Born Baby Till 6 Months
Physical Development Changes Of A New Born Baby Till 6 Months

Five Months Olds’ Physical Development

During the fifth month, babies can roll over 180°. With their hands, they start to grab their feet and toes. Also, they wiggle on the floor. If there is an object within their limit to get, they try to reach towards it. As their hand-muscles become stronger, they transfer any object between two hands.

Sixth Months Old Development

During the last part of the first six months, babies generally can hold their heads steadily. As the back muscles build slowly, they can sit with their back straight. However, still, they need support from their hands to sit. Also, they learn that something can be hiding behind another thing.