Stages Of Development In Child Development

stages of development in child

Stages of Development in Child Explained. By the time a child turns one-year-old, he/she has already reached one of the first stages of development in the human body. The second stage is represented by the enlargement of the brain and nervous system. Thirdly, after the second year of life, the child starts to grow. Fourthly, at six months, he/she reaches the cerebral stage, which is the pre-school age. At nine months and every subsequent year, the child grows further.

It is a common misconception that humans start from the same stage of development at birth. This is not true. The number of stages vary from one species to another, depending on the characteristics of the species involved. For instance, babies do not have eyelashes, while adult humans have eyelashes.

Stages Of Development In Child

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Each of the seven developmental stages in the human body represents a period of maturation. Every species goes through the different stages at different times. The human beings are no exception to this. The seven stages are:

Birth – the very beginning of a baby’s life. He/she remains unseen and unheard by the parents. However, his appearance is immediately apparent. He is tiny, unable to walk, is blind, deaf and is unable to understand or to communicate. He exists in the world but does not exist in the world of the adults.

Formative years – these are the years when the child starts to learn his/her physical and mental abilities. He/She begins to develop his skeleton, muscles, organs, bones, teeth, lungs, brain, etc. Developmental learning is a continuous process and is not a one-time event. A child may learn to walk after a year, to read after two years, to write after four years and to be able to ride a bike after six years. Similarly, he may be taught to count after a year, to speak after six months, to ride a bicycle after three years, to spell after three years and so on.

The Perimenopausal years – this is the middle age years. During this period a woman’s body experiences a rapid growth spurt in all the organs and tissues of the body. She experiences a greater increase in the height, in the size of her breasts, in the diameter of her waist and in the breadth of her shoulders. The hair, the nails and the skin all go through rapid growth. Menopause arrives during this time, and a woman undergoes a great change in her hormonal constitution, as well as in her body chemistry. These changes affect the mental and emotional makeup of a woman, making her emotionally and mentally unstable.

The Maturing years – these are the later stages of development in child development. The brain cells of a child increase in number, and the visual, auditory and tactile perception of a child increases. Language skills and intellectual functioning improve with further development in child development. The teeth grow in, the muscles develop, and the skin thickens in thickness.

About Development Stages

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Pediatricians describe the stages of development in child development as progressive, which means that a stage advances as the child grows. A toddler begins with no eyesight, no knowledge of the world, and no concept of time. He is a tiny human being. Over time, the toddler grows into a child, adolescence and beyond.

Throughout the toddler years the child begins to experience the toddler stage of growth. This is the time when the child is capable of rudimentary communication. It is during this time that he experiences tooth development, and the development of the muscles of the face and neck. The child can understand the sounds of speech, and can begin to understand sarcasm and humor.

Make Your Kid Mentally Strong

As the child grows into adolescence, the stages of growth in a child development slow down. In adolescence, the social skills and emotional well being become important for the child. Relationships are formed, and the adolescent attempts to establish his identity as a unique individual with interests and desires of his own. The adolescent also tries to define his sexuality, and defines himself as a boy or girl.


As the teenage years approach, the stages of development in child development continue to increase. The teenager is now ready to experiment with sex and has his own tastes and preferences regarding clothing, food, and other activities. The teenager is exploring his sexuality and experimenting with the different ways in which he could find fulfillment and gratification. The teenager is trying to define himself as an individual with his own ideals and aspirations. It is at this stage in the growth of the child that one can begin to see the different potential that lies within him.

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