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child development & pedagogy book in hindi

It is a very famous and widely read children’s book in India. The author, Dr. Manish Misra, a highly regarded child development consultant and pedagogy trainer from Australia has written this amazing children’s book in Hindi for the first time. He has used it as the main text of his personal coaching course in New Delhi.

The main topics covered in the book are parenting skills & child development & pedagogy. The book has around 223 pages which are very easy to understand. The book contains cartoons depicting various phases of child development. There are also short comic strips depicting different children from different parts of India. This will certainly be an interesting reading material for all those who want to know how babies develop from different regions of the country.

Dr. Manish Misra Also Describes The Five Phases Of Child Growth

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There are a lot of developmental topics that are discussed in this book. One of the topics that fascinates readers a lot is how children from different age groups respond to different kinds of stimuli. This is another reason why people out there read this book. Dr. Manish Misra also describes the five phases of child growth & explains how they are related to each other.

Another topic that you can find discussed in the book is child development & pedagogy of infants. This is a very important part of child development & it should not be left out by any means. You will definitely find a lot of practical applications in this book. The different illustrations will definitely help you visualize the process of infant development.

Special Reference To Mothers As Far As Child Development Is Concerned

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Dr. Misra also makes special reference to mothers as far as child development is concerned. He describes the different needs of the mother during the different stages of child development & Pedagogy. Reading this book makes you understand more about your mother and how she experiences child development in her body, her emotions, and in her thinking. You will also learn a lot from this book that you can apply on your own way of parenting your child.

Dr. Manish Misra also mentions the different issues that arise at a young age that can affect the child’s later life. These issues come into focus while reading this Pedagogy Book in Hindi. There are several examples given here, which prove to be really illuminating. Most parents are usually surprised by how well this works as a manual for child development. Parents will have better control over their children, especially when they read through this book first hand. This is one of the main reasons why this book has been loved by thousands of parents.

How To Take Care Of Their Child Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, And Spiritually

Parents can also use this particular book as a manual on how to take care of their child physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These steps all help the parents get to know their child more. It will also help them appreciate their child more as they continue to read this book in Hindi. The Pedagogy Book in Hindi takes you step by step to help you get to know your child’s growth throughout the year.

So if you are looking for a manual for your child development, this book is what you need. This is very helpful especially in child development. It is an easy read & it doesn’t have any complicated words or concepts that most parents have problems understanding. If you want to take your child to the next level in terms of their child development, then this is what you need.

This Ebook Such An Easy Read Is Its Structure

What makes this eBook such an easy read is its structure. This book is divided into three main categories which are reading, writing, and speaking. This makes it easy for parents to focus on child’s development without getting distracted by the different kinds of reading material.

One of the main topics that you will find discussed in this book is Hindi movies. It discusses how movies affect the child’s growth and what parents should do to help the child grow and be happy. It talks about how bad the language is in Hindi films and what parents should do to help their children to speak and understand Hindi properly. If you are looking for a Hindi learning guide, this is the right one for you.


Parents will surely find this book useful. It is not only written in an easy way for parents but it also discusses some interesting topics. If you are a parent looking for a good Hindi learning guide, this is a great choice. Reading this book will surely make your child learn some of the most important basics of being a child.

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