The Best Child Psychology And Development Theories Parents Should Read And Understand

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Child psychology and development theories explain how a toddler grows in the childhood period and turns into a teenager. Such theories define and are based on a child’s numerous aspects like social, cognitive, and emotional growth. 

Child development is one of the interesting subjects you can learn and understand. As you go deeper and deeper into this subject, it becomes difficult to understand the concepts related to social and emotional growth. 

Why do children become anxious? How they grow rapidly in childhood? What makes them so emotional and inquisitive?

Such questions might undoubtedly pop into your mind, especially the new parents think about them. Today, in this post, we’ll mention the top child psychology and development theories that will explain everything about your toddler’s behavior. 

Psychosexual Development Theory (Quite Important)

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Sigmund Freud describes his psychosexual development theory through his work of treating children’s illnesses. By treating hundreds of children, he concluded that the environment greatly influences a child’s behavior. A child’s development happens in stages where parents come to understand their children’s real behavior and personality. 

He also said that if parents aren’t supporting the child in the development stages, he/she is likely to suffer in the longer run. It’s the responsibility of every parent to support their children during the development stages for achieving a healthy adult personality. 

As per the other theories, changes in the child occur naturally, and the behavior and personality aren’t fixed until the final breath. Freud said the best time for a child to learn and grasp anything is between 1-6 years. 

Child Development Theories Based On Behavior

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Back in the first half of the 20th century, many studies were conducted on the behavior of newborn babies. As per those studies, discipline is a must in every child’s behavior to live a happy and healthy life. However, the behavior of every child is greatly influenced by the parents and environment. 

Behavioral child development theories claim that toddlers interact with their environment during their development stages. It’s just parents cannot understand about how their children are connecting with the environment. 

Cognitive Development Theory By Jean Piaget (Very Interesting)

Cognitive Development Theory teaches about the changes in children’s thought processes. This theory explains about what influences the thought process and how children interact with the world. 

Thanks to Jian Piaget for curating one of the most useful and influential children’s psychology and development theories. He explains how the changes happening in the environment are grasped and adopted by the children. 

His Cognitive development theory is explained in four stages: Sensorimotor Stage, Pre-Operational Stage, Concrete Operational Stage, and Formal Operational Stage. For understanding this child development theory better, read the books written by Jean Piaget. 

Final Thoughts

In reality, it’s not easy to understand every action and change of your toddler. The best influencer in this world of every child is his/her parents. Plus, the environment of your house greatly impacts your children. In simpler words, if you’re adopting some positive changes, your child will also develop a healthy adult personality.

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