The Importance Of Child Development Guide Milestones And Role Of Parenting In It

child development guide milestones

Developmental milestones refer to the ability of the child to pursue specific activities during certain ages. These activities include the child showing his initial body movements, smiling for the first time, standing or walking for the first time, or even waving his hands. This Child development guide milestones are prepared to introduce the parents to the basics of these developmental milestones that play a very prominent role in the child’s initial growth and development.

Child development guide milestones highlight the specific areas of development that your child tends to achieve within a certain age limit. That would also help you play your role as a parent, recognize and help your child achieve the desired milestones in the respective areas of development.

Areas Of Development As Per Child Development Guide Milestones

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  • Physical development of the child includes his motor skills like walking, standing, running, etc. Also, the movement of hands, legs, fingers, toes, wrist, and eyes while eating, changing, and other activities.
  • Cognitive development is about the child’s mental thinking capability and intelligence. It also includes speech and language development.
  • Emotional development is the overall behavior of the child in context to the events happening around. It also includes the way he thinks and reacts to a particular situation.
  • Social development includes the child’s behavior with the outer world.

Stages Of Development As Per Child development Guide Milestones And Role Of Parenting

Formative Childhood

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This stage is for children between the age of birth to 7 years. In this stage, initially, the child undergoes his social and emotional development, forming an attachment with his family members. Hence the parents put their utmost careful observations towards his further action like crawling, standing, walking, holding toys, observing the surroundings, and reacting accordingly, displaying his motor skills. He even starts to speak a few initial words. By its end, the child shows his fine gross motor skills and physical development and a better vocabulary.

Middle Childhood

Children of age 8 showcase this stage of development to 11 years. This stage is where we could see an immense change in the child’s transforming behavior. Although physical changes are not dramatic, the skills of making friends, socializing, demanding, and developing interpersonal relationships are pretty visible in this age. Here, parenting plays its role by maintaining the child’s emotional and mental balance through constant observation and counseling.


This milestone displays the children of age 12 to 18 years with complete physical, cognitive, and social development. A sudden variation in their height, weight, and other physical transformations would be visible. In this stage, anger issues, mood swings, fluctuating mindsets are some common behavioral signs. Hence, parents adopt various methods of constant interactions with them, maintaining the connection with them. They also try to fulfill their genuine demands and counsel them in the case of their uncertain behavior.


The child development guide milestones highlight all the aspects of your child’s overall growth, requirements, and challenges that keep him growing. Simultaneously, it describes the way parents and the style of parenting could do wonders. 

Being parents, it’s your eminent lookout to provide proper guidance to your child during these early stages of his developmental milestones. That is where the child development guide milestones play their part by guiding the parents while their children blossom and flourish physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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