The Parent Guide to Dr Rhodes – A Book For Kids

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Book Kid Friendly crafts is a must have for all concerned parents who are concerned about the way their children are developing mentally. The growing brain of a child requires all the assistance it can get and a lot of it comes from books. It is very easy to get a bored while reading a book and the child may develop problems like distractibility and forgetfulness. Also, with a good grasp of language, there is better understanding of the basic ideas that go into making crafts. So, if you want your kids to be happy, this book will surely help them.

 Pamela Coleman

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The author of this book is Pamela Coleman, who has been in the field of child development stages for almost 30 years. She knows from experience that not every idea or method will work for every child. In fact, sometimes, it is even harmful to the child’s progress. This is why, she gives you the facts without trying to be condescending. However, you will realize that the information in this book is based on her observations and understanding of child development stages.

Some of the chapters in this book include: How to Prepare Children for Different Stages of Child Development, Choosing a Picture, The Importance of Seeing and Using Stories, Why Do Children Take Your Help So Often? The First Learning Stage, Identifying a Problem, and First Steps. The book also includes activities, which are specifically designed to help the child progress through each of the child development stages. For example, one activity teaches the child how to identify his own body parts. Later, he goes on to identify the parts of a lion, a bear, a chicken, a frog, and a tortoise.

 The Kid Friendly Crafts Section

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Another important aspect of this book is the Kid Friendly crafts section. In this page, you will find simple items, which you can make with your kid to encourage him or her to learn new things. Kids love to experiment with various things and using these simple, kid-friendly crafts, they can easily explore their creative sides. It is great fun for parents as well!

The Parent Author Guide

Another great thing about this book is the Parent Author Guide. This provides a complete outline of the chapters in the book as well as a synopsis of Dr. Rhodes’ experience in child development stages. Parents will find it very helpful when teaching their child new things. The book has also been highly reviewed by several parenting websites and blogs. In fact, many of them have voted in this book as one of the best books for kids!

Final Words

Dr. Rhodes’ development program is definitely not just for kids. This book not only explains what the stages are and what to expect during each stage, but it is also a very friendly and easy to read book that even little children will enjoy. Kids will find this book very motivating and fun to read. If you have not read any book like it before, then you should definitely pick up a copy today!

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