Toddler: Stages of Development

Toddler: Stages of Development

If you are a parent of a toddler or young child, you will probably be familiar with the development stages in your child. You will know that baby stages and toddler stages are quite similar to each other. Although there are some fundamental differences between the two stages, the stages of development share certain similarities. Let’s take a look at what these stages are and how they relate to each other.

Different Stages Of Life

Stages of development refer to the order in which different stages of life occur. This is known as the normal developmental sequence. For example, in babies, the first stage of development is called “intro to speech,” while the second stage of development is “autism.”

Stages of development
Toddler: Stages of Development

Three Stages Of Life

The three stages of development are the cradle (the period when your baby starts to walk), the weaning stage (which include the time your baby stops eating solid food), and the primary school years (the point in your child’s life when he/she starts to learn to talk). Children in their first year of life reach their early stage of development in the first three months of life. Children between three and five years of age reach their second stage of growth in the first six months of life.

Specific Development Function

Toddler’s stages of development include the following: (I) their first year of life; (ii) second year of life; (iii) third year of life; and (iv) fourth year of life. Each stage of development has a specific developmental function. This function is determined by the particular stage of development, which is why certain stages of development do not coincide.

Three And Four Months Baby

Your baby will start walking when he/she is between three months and four months of age. From three months of age on, your baby is considered to be in the weaning stage. This stage is the time when your baby stops eating solid food, starts to move around, starts to develop the ability to crawl, walk, and stand, and begins to take physical objects for movement.

Last Stage Of Development

Your baby’s sixth birthday is the last stage of development. This is the time when your baby starts eating solid food again. Your baby will have already reached the second and third stages of development by this point.

Cradle Stage: Toddler

Stage three is called the cradle stage. Your baby enters this stage between three and five months of age. In the cradle stage, your baby will continue developing different motor skills such as walking, crawling, sitting, and turning. However, if your baby is ready for stage four, she will still require feeding and breastfeeding her mother.

Toddler And Their Stages Of Development
Toddler: Stages of Development

Fairly Linear And Predictable

The toddler stages of development are fairly linear and predictable. Although there are no set rules on when your baby should reach a particular stage of development, most babies usually reach a particular stage by the time they are three months old. Toddlers interested in learning the language will progress through the toddler stages of development during the first two years of their lives.

Five Year Of Child: Toddler

Toddlers in the second year of life generally will need to learn to eat solids. However, toddlers at this age still can’t talk yet. They can only communicate using words and facial expressions. However, a toddler can develop speech and language skills when she is about five years of age.

Learn To Walk: Toddler

Toddlers usually are not interested in learning to walk yet. However, these days, toddlers are learning to walk from about six months of age. In the second year of life, toddlers will need to learn to control their bodies. Some toddlers will also have to control their bowels.

Complete Maths Task: Toddler

Toddlers between six and nine years of age should be able to control their minds. This is the stage where toddlers will need to learn to talk, read, write, spell, and complete math tasks. They also will start developing the ability to understand body language and begin to make facial expressions.

Different Skills And Behavior

Each stage of development involves different skills, behavior, motor abilities, sensory abilities, and abilities to plan. While this is a brief overview of the stages of development in toddlers, you should keep in mind that these stages of development are just a beginning to the range of experiences a toddler will have during his/her lifetime.

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