Typical Child Development Milestones To Take Note Of

Typical Child Development Milestones

What happens inside your mind when you see that your child is slowly growing? You can see the developmental changes in the little one, and it feels incredibly cute. But did you know that there is a step by step mechanism that helps in the development of the child? Most psychologists say that there are various child development milestones and can start from the age of two months. The end of the child development happens when the child is at least five years old. Now the modern parents are downloading milestone tracker to understand whether the development is happening timely. Below we are going to mention only some of them

2 Months Old- Typical Child Development Milestones

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When a child is only two months old, the toddlers try to have social and emotional support. They will begin to smile at other people and try to interact with each other. The kid will also try to come themselves by putting hands in their mouth and trying to play. He or she will be in a position to look at the parent and recognize them. If you notice clearly, you will understand that they are making cooing and gurgling sounds, and they will also try to understand the source of the sound and turn their head.

4 Months Old

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By the end of 4 months, the child will smile instantaneously at people and also try to copy the movements. They would love it when people will play with them and also cry when it stops. There will be a bubbling sound from their mouth, and their cries will be different in times of hunger and pain. In the case of cognitive learning, he will let you know if he is happy or sad. They will follow the moving things with their eyes. Physical development will incorporate a steady head, and also, they can hold a toy for a longer time.

Six Months- Typical Child Development Milestones

Now the baby can slowly understand who a stranger is. Not only that, but he or she would like to play with their parents. We can also recognize the mirror and respond differently to sounds. The child will be ready to look around at the things and pass the kinds of stuff from one place to another. the control over in all the directions and sit without support.

One Year

Now that the kid is one year old, there are many new things that it will learn. In case they encounter any stranger, they will show their shyness. He will also hand you a book when he wants to listen to a story. If you want, you can try playing games with the kid like peek a boo, and he or she will love it. When it is about the communicative process, the baby can shake heads and say bye-bye. They can also blirt out noises like mama and Dada. The kids will also learn to copy many gestures and find out hidden things; they can point out different things using their index finger.


Now that you know the most typical child development measures, it will no longer be a problem for you to keep track of things. Try to get hold of a tracking app to ensure that things are falling in place for your kid.

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