Virginia Milestones of Child Development- Know About It

virginia milestones of child development

Every year, Virginian families celebrate the month of May as “National Child Development Month.” This is when many parents get together with concerned friends and family to discuss ways that they can support their children’s emotional and physical needs throughout their toddler and preschool years. One of the most important things that any family can do to support a child’s development is to provide a loving, positive, and supportive environment. A supportive environment provides the structure necessary for children to learn while enjoying themselves.

Understand the Feature

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In order to foster healthy and positive experiences, a home away from home needs to be a place where children feel safe and respected. A home away from home offers the child an opportunity to meet new people and develop true friendships. Virginia State Parks offers miles upon miles of fun and relaxation, perfect for children to play and explore. There are endless destinations to visit, from historic Thomasville to historic Bath County. A supportive environment provides an atmosphere that allows children to use their imaginations and learn while having fun.

The National Mall serves as the ultimate example of a supportive environment. The Mall offers millions of visitors a chance to pause and take in the wonder of the world and all that it has to offer. There are countless activities that can be enjoyed by all ages at the Mall, including giant roller coasters, museums, concerts, and family shows. A family event at the Mall can include playing in the sand, playing in the pool, or just taking a stroll and watching the sights.

Know The Development Steps

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Another great place to support a child’s development is at the Virginia Zoo. The zoo offers several attractions for children to enjoy, including Zoo Director, Edge of the Park, where kids can walk through the zoo and see the wildlife up close. Kids can also experience the Virginia Aquarium, Marine Science Center, and Zoo Path. The Virginia Zoo’s award-winning Zoo Lights fundraiser provides much needed funding for Virginia child development programs.

If you are looking for a unique way to support your child’s development, consider a visit to the Chrysler Museum of Art. One of the largest museums in the city, the Museum exhibits contemporary art featuring everything from abstract art to contemporary figurines to classic masterpieces. The Virginia Children’s Museum at the Chrysler Museum of Art offers state-of-the-art educational experiences. There are several other child development programs at the Museum as well.

While you’re in Virginia, why not stop by the American Heritage Gardens in Virginia Beach and check out the gardens of the U.S. Air Force Academy? Established in 1958, the ACAFA nurtures today’s air force with the best of American gardening. Take the family on a tour of the gardens, take a drive through the military housing areas, and engage in a variety of activities that foster child development and nurturing.

Get To Know About The Nurturing

Did you know that Virginia is home to over 400 public parks? Bring your child to one of them for an experience they’ll never forget! Get in the car and just do a mini park tour, or if you’re a little more adventurous, hop in the Pool and enjoy a refreshing dip in the gorgeous water. Bring the kids along for a treasure hunt and a picnic and they’ll be coming back with tales to tell for years to come about their adventures at one of the many parks in Virginia Beach. Virginia Beach is also host to the Sea World, which is a must for any vacation. Your kids will love this family amusement park, which features thrilling rides, shows, and food for all ages.


Let your child have a special day planned just for them when they’re on their Virginia Beach vacation. Have them meet their favorite Virginia Beach Hotels for the ultimate in kid-friendly fun! You can also rent a cabin or condo for the kids to enjoy the serenity of being indoors. If you’re looking for something a little more adult in nature, then check out the adult shops for unique gifts and souvenirs to take home to cherish forever. There’s no denying the fact that Virginia Beach has so much to offer as it marks the milestones of child development with big dreams and bright smiles! This is truly a place you can call home.

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