What Are The Stages Of Child Development

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The stages of child development are divided into different stages. These stages help us to recognize a problem or difficulty in child development. The different stages of development of a child include the infancy stage, early childhood stage, adolescence stage, young adulthood stage, and late stage of childhood development.


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Infancy refers to the early period where a baby is present for his/her development. During the infancy stage, there are many things that a child can do to get proper nutrition. There are no other external factors involved in this period. Therefore, this is considered the beginning of child development.

Early Childhood 


Early Childhood refers to the second period in child development. During this stage, there are still many things that a child can do to get appropriate nutrition. However, there are some diseases or problems that a child might face during this period. In addition, during this stage, children might experience growth spurs. This might occur if a child experiences a growth spurt during the first year of his life.


Adolescence refers to the final stage in child development. During this stage, children become capable of handling social situations. They can develop their skills for facing different kinds of problems that they might encounter. During this stage, there is a possibility of experiencing emotional problems as well.

Early Adulthood Stage

The early adulthood stage refers to the middle ages and older stages of child development. During this stage, children are capable of facing more complex social situations. As a result, they are not any more immature; instead, they are now ready to face new challenges.


Adulthood refers to old age. This stage is the next phase in the life of a child. At this stage, children are ready to deal with responsibility for their actions. They are now ready to deal with issues such as dealing with relationships, careers, finances, and health. This is also when children are going to choose what they want to be doing for the rest of their lives.

On the other hand, childhood is the beginning of a child’s life. It is the stage where the child learns his primary functions, such as speaking, hearing, seeing, and walking. During childhood, a child’s ability to properly use his senses is at its highest level. Thus, it is essential to help children develop these senses early for them to lead an independent life in the future.

It is also essential for parents to set a good example in helping their children become independent. This can be done by taking care of yourself physically as well as mentally. Do your best in school and life outside of your home. Know your limits and know when you are overdoing it. Know when to seek help from your parents or a professional.

Final Words

Child development is an essential part of your child’s life. It is his most basic need. So take good care of him from the beginning until he turns one year old. If you want to know more about child development and ways to help your child get through his childhood, then search online.

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