What Are The Stages Of Child Development

milestones of child development

Child development milestones are the essential developmental milestones of a child; some are claimed in most nativist concepts. These are the stages that a child goes through to achieve a certain level of independence and adaptability in different situations. There are several reasons why we refer to these milestones as milestones. One is because they allow us to measure or identify how far a specific child has come in terms of his/her level of development. They are also used to provide feedback to the parents to know how well their children are developing.

We all know that every child is different from the other; this means that the milestones for child development may vary from one person to another. The ones that we generally use as landmarks are the ones that are most widely agreed by the experts and the community at large as being important. However, it would be wise to try to adopt the opinions of other people when it comes to these developmental milestones. In that way, you can have more basis for your ideas about what these milestones mean to your children.

Toddler Stage

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A toddler is considered a year old in the United States, although this age may vary according to the various states in the country. When it comes to toddlers, the major milestones for children are first learning to walk and talk, moving around by crawling, sitting, and standing. These milestones are significant since they help children to understand the world around them and eventually adopt it. Each of these milestones is also accompanied by a series of associated milestones.

Pre-School Age

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Moving on up to pre-school age, the children are now ready to learn reading and writing. These two are the essential foundations for child development since they help children develop logic, language, and understanding of the world around them. After the basic foundation, children now progress to socialization, and they begin to interact with other children. This stage also encourages the development of emotional and physical boundaries between children.

Entering The School (Third Milestone)

The next set of milestones is that of children who are entering school age. During this time, children can now complete simple tasks such as saying and doing names, planning and executing games and working with other children. These tasks help children develop their problem-solving skills, and they also create a sense of cooperation and teamwork. These skills are also crucial for the child to comply with instructions and responsibilities that he or she is given.

Final Thoughts

All of these important milestones in child development are essential. However, many children continue to struggle even after completing each milestone. As a parent, it is important to be prepared for these setbacks. Be positive and patient with your child. Know that even though you may have struggles of your own during this time, your children will also go through theirs. And through the process of learning each milestone, children will learn about themselves and the world around them.

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