What is Psychosocial Definition for Depression

psychosocial definition

The psychosocial definition states that a person is healthy if they can fulfill their basic needs, acquire emotional satisfaction, have a good quality of relationships, and be able to manage their personal life experiences. It further states that these needs cannot be fulfilled unless the individual has an environment that provides them with support and assistance. The psychosocial definition applies to people regardless of age, race, gender, ethnic background or education. It is based on the human behavioral principles that the people we are surrounded by have an influence on our behavior and on how we perceive the world.

Know About Psychosocial In Details

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The psychosocial definition looks at people in the context of their relationship with the people around them and their capacity to cope with the interpersonal environment and their capacity to fulfill their basic needs. It is also based on the principle, “What you see is what you get”. This means that people around us can affect the way we think, feel and behave. There is a great need for the social environments we function in to create an atmosphere that is supportive and accepting of different people and help them become productive and develop their fullest potential.

The psychosocial definition aims to create an environment that supports people in creating their own happiness and welfare. It also aims to build a support system that will help them when they need it most. The idea behind this definition is that people need the assurance that there is somebody to turn to when times are hard, and to whom they can turn to when they are feeling blue. This is what the support system is all about. If you have no one to turn to when you are down and out then you might as well just drown without any one to help you.

Define Relationships


The psychosocial definition has also been used to define relationships. One important thing about relationships is that they tend to be more than two people. So the concept of a support system applies to all types of relationships. A good support system is like a lifeline for people in difficult situations.

Another thing the psychosocial definition helps to explain is trauma. Trauma is something that can happen to anyone at any time. The trauma can come from natural or unnatural causes. Some examples of trauma are sexual abuse, war and natural disasters.

Trauma’s Impact On A Layman

When trauma happens to a person it can leave a negative impact on the person’s psyche. This negative impact can lead to a feeling of not being whole. A feeling of not being whole can lead to the person feeling useless and unwanted. Not being useful or even wanted can have an effect on the person’s self-esteem and can result in depression.

Final Words

Understanding what the psychosocial definition is will help you understand the symptoms of different disorders and will alert you to different possibilities that you should look out for. So, if you ever come across someone that you think might be suffering from a disorder or illness then you should do some investigating. There is a lot of information on the Internet about different illnesses and disorders. By taking the time to learn about the psychosocial definition for depression you are taking the first step to recovery.

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