What Is the Best Baby Books

best baby books

When it comes to nursery rhymes, the best baby books are those that are easy to understand and simple text. The problem with most children is that they don’t sit still long enough to be able to follow simple text. In addition, there are some children who just don’t like to read. They prefer to look at pictures or watch videos.

One of the best baby books for little kids is a board book. Board books usually include a picture on one side and a rhyming or a story on the other side. Most parents use this time to begin reading to their child before they put him or her to bed. If your child doesn’t like to read, then a board book might not be the right choice for your child, but if he or she loves to read, then you will definitely want to purchase this particular book.

Goodnight, Moon And Good Luck

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Another classic of the best baby books for little ones is Dr. Seuss’ “Goodnight, Moon and Good Luck.” This is an easy read that has a simple story. It doesn’t have a lot of illustrations or sounds, which is why many people choose to use it as a bedtime routine. It also doesn’t contain a lot of flash. It is just a good old fashioned story about a boy who is always good at bedtime and the girl who dreams of being a big pirate.

The “Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss is another popular choice among parents. It’s a simple rhyme book about a cat that has to share his house with another cat. There isn’t any sound or images, which is what makes it great for use in the nursery or as a bedtime routine. Again, it isn’t full of flash, but it is a very sweet book that almost every child loves to sleep with.

All Time Favorite Books

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For young children, there are some all time favorites that you may want to consider when looking for the best baby books for a baby shower or for your own child. One of the books that falls into this category is “The Little Match Girl” by Margret Wise Brown. This is a picture book about 2 little girls who have magical matchmaking powers and are going to visit three different friends who have never seen each other before in order to get them back as their own pets. The picture book is full of lovely illustrations and is very cute and enchanting for young children.

If your new baby will have other family members to help him or her along, you might want to consider reading books about matching. These types of books have matching picture books that you and your other family members can use to rhyme while waiting for the new baby to arrive. You’ll find these kinds of books in several different types, including a board book and an audio book. A board book typically has more pictures and is stapled together in four to six panels which means it’s easy to find a panel to rhyme with.

Nursery Rhyme

A book that would be a good choice for a picture book or even for a nursery rhyme for the new little one is “The Little Match Girl.” This is written by Bill Martin and illustrated by Gabrielle La Porte. Bill Martin created this children’s book to help parents teach their little ones about rhyme, rhythm and melody while making friends and having fun.

The book measures about forty-three pages long and it includes forty rhyming images. The book comes with a personalized rhyming CD for your convenience and comes accompanied with a special rhyming chart.

Final Verdict

Look also at Baby Books World and browse through the many baby books available. One particular favorite is called Hungry Caterpillar because it has a great image of an angry red hungry caterpillar on the cover. The inside is full of beautiful illustrated close-ups of different baby animals, which makes the book really interesting to look at and enjoy.

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